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Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder – Whole Latte Love & Alternative Brewing

rancilio rocky coffee grinderYou’re here because you want the best coffee grinder, which tells me how important you understand the role of a grinder in your life. Only a true coffee fan knows the real importance of having great coffee at their door. What is the secret behind a perfectly brewed and balanced cup of joe from your fav cafe? Many of you may get amazed to know the answer, and yes, it is your very own coffee grinder that acts as a spine of a great coffee. 

Finding the best coffee grinder can seem strange at first. If you go with a low-quality grinder, then you’re going to end up with worthless coffee. And at last, all your money, time, and efforts go into the trash, which leads you to uneven grind.

Coffee grinding is a board class, though it comes with many different styles depending on your needs. Before you rush to youtube for barista lessons, make sure that you have already got the first step of making coffee.

Next to your kettle in the kitchen should have a high-quality grinder that delivers you a finely crushed powder. 

If you are an espresso enthusiast who is looking for a great and easy to use home grinder, then welcome this well-made Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder for your home.

It is one of the most effective home grinders options out in the market that will worth your time and money. Here is our review, which tells you about its feature in detail.  

In-Depth Review of rancilio rocky coffee grinder

The Rocky is the most long-lasting coffee bean grinder available in its price range. It is incredibly well-made and highly advised for home use and light commercial use. 

  • Specifications   
    • Dimensions – 4.7(W)” x 9.8(D)” x 14(H)”
    • Weight – 8.7 kg
    • Power – 110/230 V, 140 W
    • Material – Stainless Steel, metal and plastic
    • Bean Hopper Capacity – 10.5 oz (50 mm)
    • Grinder Style- Burr- flat steel
    • Motor Speed – 1725 rpm
  • Design 

At just 14″ tall, this home coffee grinder goes under most of the kitchen rooms effortlessly. While its grinder comes in a package that balances with most home kitchens and matches a lot of commercial use. This device claims to a modern look with its complete stainless steel covering. It is made with a robust black aluminum frame. High-quality steel is also used for the device’s burrs or grinding plates. On top of the invention, it has a high-quality molded plastic hopper in a blue color due to its UV treatment. 

This machine is designed to give the fine coffee powder for your espresso machine portafilter. Once the coffee gets powdered, it drops into the ground coffee container. Then, just lift the handle, and it assigns approx 7 grams of coffee through a small hole. It comes with 55 different grinding settings that give you an option to adjust it from coarse to fine. However, it has a 166-watt direct-drive motor that is quiet and extremely powerful. And it will not slow down even under the most demanding workload. At last, if you see, it has two plastic forks that are designed to hold the portafilter in position. This black and stainless steel machine is a strong as nails that join superbly to your coffee brewing gear. 

  • Performance 

The Rocky Coffee Grinder is perfect for the coffee addict watching for stabler control over crushing. There is no doubt about the point that this appliance is built to last. Every individual part, from the heavy-duty motor to the metal frame, is designed for long-term usage, no matter what kind of beans you throw, it will crush them all. It is a dosing grinder, which is built to suit your espresso machine. Although it’s 55 ways to grind settings allow you to control the go from French Press to espresso in a minute. It has forks that can hold the portafilter of any machine in a place and remove the fork, so you may use any receptacle you want to grab the coffee. 

With a Rancilio, the most demanding barista will be able to refine their extraction to excellence. In addition, the motor of this machine is legendary. It is a 166-watt direct-drive motor that performs very peacefully and intensely. The bur and the engine are built to handle the commercial loads. Its burr rotates at the 1725 rpm, which is almost fast and also runs cool and quiet. 

It has a thermal overload shutoff button to prevent possible damage if a stone gets caught in the burrs. And it shutoff of the motor when it starts to overheat. However, it is a doserless grinder that comes with a removable holder to help you grind straight into your filter. Also, you can use any container to collect the ground beans.  

Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder Traits we like  

  1. Use Control Panel – On the front view of this Rancilio, you will find a single button that operates this machine. Next, the indicator has been set to mean the proper grinder settings. This button is located on the left-hand corner that can be used to flip the start and stop grinding process. 
  2. Excellent Hopper – The hopper situated on the top of the machine is designed with a strong plastic. That is not only break-resistant but also coated with a UV layer. This gives the hopper a blue glow and remains fair enough for clear viewing. Besides this, the hopper can hold up to 10.5 oz of beans at a time. It also includes a lid that helps in sealing the seeds and keep them fresh during the storage period, although the entire part is easy to remove and clean. 
  3. Commercial Grade Burr Grinder – The machine’s grinding burrs power the superb performance behind the device. These 50 mm flat tempered steel burrs, put into action with an awful motor. All these plates are designed to move at a slower speed to prevent heat build-up, which can ruin your perfectly roasted beans. 
  4. High Power Motor – At the center of the device, you will find a high powered motor. This commercial grade engine spins at 1,725 RPM and has the power to crush a double shot in less than 30 seconds. This 166-watt motor is not only powerful but also quiet and safe at the same time. It is insulated with its own thermal overload switch. It shuts off the engine to prevent damage caused by overheating or getting trapped by a stone in the plates while they are in the motion. 
  5. Grinding Settings – Beneath the hopper, it includes a programming dialer with a 55 level of controls. It ensures that you can go from French Press to espresso in a one go. This permits the home barista to keep full control over each type of grinding show. With its 55 different grinding levels, a user can easily fine tune their extraction to a specific fit they need. 


  • With this doserless device, you’ll have more manual control over the number of grounds as you can choose the filter or carafe for the delivery of ground coffee.
  • It’s equipped with tempered steel burrs, stepped grinder adjustments, high-grade motor and UV coated hopper 
  • The burrs come with a built-in screw at the “zero” setting, which prevents the burrs from grinding against each other.
  • The Rocky also comes with a removable portafilter holder to help you grind right into your portafilter.    
  • This machine will doubtlessly stay long with you. 
  • It needs necessary for cleaning every couple of months or so. 
  • Its high-grade motor spins at 1,725 RPM and grinds the beans for shots in less than 30 seconds.       
  • The best part of this device is that it can grind fine enough for a non-pressurized portafilter.                                   


  • It comes without a doser, so you have to use a separate bowl to collect the ground coffee.             
  • Some find its adjusting grind size annoying.  


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Final Verdict 

Rancilio, with features like this, there are few grinders which meet the needs of a particular home baristas grinder. The company has packed all the master features and functions in the Rocky grinder. The machine is designed to give its production versatility and the ability to manage most coffee drinks, whether a coarse or fine powder. If you are an espresso fan who is looking for a powerful and easy-to-use grinder, then this model by Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder may be the only option for you. This machine is excellent enough to meet industry specialists’ needs, yet designed to be easy for the beginners. 

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