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Poulan P3816 Chainsaw Reviews With Ultimate Suggestion 2020

Wanna shop a chainsaw for cutting logs of your garden? We know it’s a bit difficult to sort out the best chainsaw out there. Because If you’re surfing the chainsaws, you’ll find a bountiful variety of chainsaws with various kinds of features like gas or electric, corded or cordless, etc. However, today we’re going to cover the most promising Poulan P3816 Chainsaw Reviews for you.

 Poulan P3816 Chainsaw is one of the best chainsaws for you. Whether you’re an amateur wood-crafter or lumberjack or just a homeowner, this chainsaw will serve many of your handy purposes. This chainsaw offers you countless benefits in cutting logs. Not only it is easy to carry and operate, but also it’s entirely safe for use. You can use it both personally as well as professionally.

 If you are looking for the perfect chainsaw which is effective and powerful but budget-friendly and user-safe, this Poulan p3816 is the ideal chainsaw for you. Wanna know more about the chainsaw?

 Just go through our Poulan P3816 Reviews, where we’ve tried to reveal our minute observation of this chainsaw, and that must help you to know the detailed insights of Poulan P3816 chainsaw.

Poulan P3816 Chainsaw Reviews

Poulan 967146301 P3816 38cc Fully Assembled ChainsawThis Poulan P3816 is a readymade gas chainsaw with automatic chain oil and gear. It has a 16-inch normal body. The P3816 is lightweight and has a compact design that makes it easy to store wherever you want.

You can operate without any difficulties, and that is entirely user-friendly because the chainsaw produces a little vibration while running.

No need any extra expertise of yourself to run the chainsaw. You might be with a little experience or without being able to operate the chainsaw without having any problem if you’re just a bit conscious about the safety.

This chainsaw comes with user-friendly features, and that’s what every amateur crafter wishes for. It also got its fame for fuel consumption. Poulan P3816 has a powerful 38cc engine, which ensures the continuous performance of the chainsaw.

 Poulan P3816 Chainsaw Highlights:

  • It is a perfect chainsaw for cutting different types of trees as well as timber. It is ideal for heavy-duty cutting logs and timber as well.
  • The dimension of the chainsaw is 33×11.9×13.9 inches, which is quite large and is perfect enough, even for beginners.
  • The 16-inches long bar with 38cc powerful allows you to cut almost any type of logs.
  • This product comes with an air filter system, which will help you to reduce the overall consumption of fuel and also to maintain the power of the engine.
  • The chainsaw also comes with a primer bulb, which enables the users to start the chainsaw quickly without much trouble.
  • Due to its huge size, the machine has excellent stability. It allows you to involve in heavy-duty projects without any hassle.
  • This chainsaw has a 30-inch rip capacity, which is quite good as compared to the other chainsaws to stop. If you want to handle any use project where you need to make deep rips, this Poulan P3816 chainsaw is the perfect choice for you.
  • The most useful feature of this chainsaw is that it switches off immediately pressing the off button.
  • All the features ensure that you are entirely safe while handling the chainsaw.
  • Since the weight of this product is quite moderate and is thus the perfect choice for looking for a sturdy product.
  • This Poulan P3826 chainsaw has a weight of 16 pounds, which is ideal for smooth operation and transportation.

  • The tool comes with an easy to use and accessible on-off switch. The button can help you to switch off your machine in an instant without having to wait.
  • The bar is large enough to cut and trim the logs easily.
  • The chainsaw is quite easy and fixable that makes it the perfect choice for beginners who are not even well experienced with the use of chainsaws.
  • The front-adjust system of chain tensioning makes it easy for you to fix the chainsaw according to your need.
  • As it is a gas chainsaw, you won’t have to think about its power supply.
  • As this is a high speedy 16-inches chainsaw with great power, it’s become quite hard for an amateur to handle this.
  • Kickback sometimes takes long to start.


Expert’s View:

 In the views of most of the users, the machine has excellent stability and power. The previous buyers also find the super clean system of filter extremely useful. After going through the reviews of former users, we’ve found that the stability and ease of use appealed the most to them.

 “The chainsaw came, sawed and conquered” – That’s what the expression of a past buyer.

 They’ve found the saw as a real workhorse in a great bargain. Even more, they claimed the saw as a well-built chainsaw. Most of them are extremely pleased to use the chainsaw.

 Though few of them have faced difficulties because it’s too big, the rest found it more beneficial during their log-cutting.

 A lot of people were talking about online on the reviews on this thing that they just couldn’t get started. But all the positive reviews said that as long as you just follow these steps stated on the chainsaw handle, you’ll never have an issue.

 The product has numerous features and specifications that are a perfect fit as a log cutter. Because it’s easy to use features, even an amateur can cut log with it without any problem. So, The chainsaw is a great one in its price you can’t deny that!

 Overview Features of Poulan  P3816 Chainsaw

  •   Self-Lubrication With An Auto-Oiler: The chainsaw comes with an auto-oiler, that maintains a self-lubrication system of the saw, which keeps the chain greased and lubricated at all times. So, you do not have to worry o the machine getting rusted if unused for a long time. Even the self-lubrication system ensures that the chainsaw remains in perfect condition even when not in use. 
  •   Powerful Motor With Fuel Consumption Feature: You’ll get the motor with this P3816 chainsaw a powerful one. So, you’ll be able to have a quick and precise log cut with this chainsaw.

 The 32cc two-cycle powerful engine allows you to have continuous performance without any chances of a breakdown. Although the motor power is high, the machine has been designed to utilize very little fuel, which ultimately reduces the overall usage cost.

  •   Impressive Performance: The Poulan P3816 chainsaw performs great while cutting logs. It’s long bar enables you to cut the thicker logs very easily. The fast cutting capacity allows you to cut them in the shortest possible time. After all, No matter you’re an amateur or expert, the performance of this P3816 chainsaw will amaze you. 
  •   Air filtration system: The chainsaw comes with an efficient air filtration system. This system is highly convenient for the users while cutting the logs for long. 

 Negative Sides

 Though the Poulan P3816 has it’s fame in the log cutting industry; there are few things you might concern a little.

 This chainsaw comes with a 16-inch bar with a chain that is long enough to smooth log cutting. But If you’re an amateur without having any prior experience, it may seem too heavy to you. In contrast, when you’re quite experienced, this could be a positive thing for you for the smooth operation of the saw.

 Furthermore, you may face difficulties starting the chainsaw as many of the past buyers faced this. But most of them didn’t follow the instructions inscribed on the handle of the chainsaw. So, If you’re a bit conscious about following the stated guidelines on the handle, you may such difficulties.

 Out and out, For an experienced log cutter, this Poulan P3816 is an excellent chainsaw with full of positive aspects. But if you’re an amateur, It’s a bit hard to operate if you don’t know the facts mentioned above. If you’re surfing on the text here, the chainsaw might not disappoint you.

 About the Product Brand

 Poulan is the name for a Swedish manufacturer named Husqvarna AB. This manufacturer was once under the company called Electrolux. Husqvarna owns the company Poulan, and thus both of them share similar technologies.

 However, Poulan was among the first companies which started dealing with power tools, especially in the woodworking industry. In the last few years, the company has launched an upscale brand known as ‘Poulon Pro’ which uses the black and gold scheme of color instead of the traditional green color that Poulan used traditionally.

 Poulan has got it’s fame for manufacturing the best quality outdoor power equipment and has emerged as a top name in the global market. Their tools are strong and sturdy, that allows you to do any type of heavy-duty tasks with them.

 If you are thinking of buying a heavy-duty and longer-lasting chainsaw, Poulan could be a reliable brand for you. As a durable tool manufacturer, Poulan won’t let you down!

 Our Suggestion:

 Finally, to conclude our Poulan P3816 chainsaw review, we’ve found that this chainsaw is one of the most excellent and smart tools with all the fantastic features a chainsaw should have.

 Its moderate weight makes it perfect for trimming trees in your yard without causing any trouble. No matter wheatear you’re an amateur or a professional, this lightweight chainsaw will make your wood-cutting job more comfortable.

 As it produces less vibration, log-cutting would be more precise and smooth for you. Even more, the chainsaw’s user-friendly features will be helpful for even an amateur with less experience.

 The blades and the motor work perfectly fine without any issue, thus the Poulan P3816 chainsaw completely justifies the price you have paid for the product.

 Last but not least, if you consider the price of this tool, you will never regret buying it. The whole Poulan P3816 reviews reflect that It’s fancy features at a minimal cost, making it a must-buy for people who want to maintain their yards.

 If you are looking for the perfect chainsaw which is not only effective and powerful but also budget-friendly and user safe, then this Poulan p3816 is the perfect fit for you.

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