how to use a rice cooker

6 Easy Steps How to Use a Rice Cooker For Beginners Guide in 2020

how to use a rice cookerNothing is more comfortable than using a rice cooker for cooking large quantities of rice. The Ox Review allows you to cook a variety of grains and rice.

Water gets simply put in the appliance, which boils and gets absorbed by the rice until it is tender. The automatic cooker gets sealed, and the air pressure gets reduced over the liquid so that the boiling process is fast.

The use of a rice cooker is simple, and some additional steps may get required to clean up and ensure your rice gets cooked perfectly. The article discusses How to Use a Rice Cooker & automated best rice cookers to ease up your cooking task.

Why you need to use a rice cooker

how to use a rice cookerThe traditional process of cooking rice involved the utmost attention so that the rice gets cooked properly. An electric rice cooker automates the cooking process by electronically and mechanically controlling time and heat.

The space on the hob gets then filled up, and the rice gets cooked reserved for attention. The appliance, however, doesn’t speed up the cooking process.

The electric machine cook involvement gets reduced to measuring the rice, prepare the rice properly, and use the correct amount of water in the automated process.

Modern automatic cookers have the heat-insulating case that offers the warming mechanism. The switch automatically switches to the keep warm cycle when the rice gets fully cooked. Your rice gets prevented from getting overcooked, and get’s kept warm until you serve. Time used is thirty minutes for the rice to be ready-to-serve, and it depends on the amount of rice you cook with the power of the heating elements.

The process of How to Use a Rice Cooker

The correct amount of rice gets measured and placed in a bowl

  1. Rinse the rice until you see clear water
  2. The rice gets then transformed from the bowl to the rice cooker inner pan. Use a reusable rice napkin for afterwards cleaning.
  3. Add a measurable amount of water to the cooker pan.
  4. Place the pan in the rice cooker the top gets closed. Add any spices, butter or oil during this step.
  5. The rice cooker is then plugged and turned on. A light might get to indicate if it’s powered.
  6. You will get a notification when the rice arrives ready. The light automatically gets turned off; there are a blipping sound and the switch up flips. Let the rice rest for about fifteen minutes before you serve while still warm.

Which rice cooker should you buy?

6 Easy Steps How to Use a Rice Cooker For Beginners Guide in 2020 1A good rice cooker ensures a perfect turn out of rice every time you cook. Think of the fluffy rice, has some sweet aroma, it is warm, and it gets to compliment any dish.

The following list contains some of the recommended -based rice cookers in Malaysia that you can purchase. Many homes in the country consider the appliance as a staple appliance that is convenient to cook their rice.

  • Panasonic Rice Cooker SR-E28A
  • Philips Daily Jar Rice Cooker HD3115
  • Khind RC918 Rice Cooker with Steamer
  • Elba Mini Rice Cooker
  • Pensonic PRC-6E Rice Cooker
  • Midea Rice Cooker MG-GP18B
  • Milux Mini Rice Cooker MRC-703
  • Cornell Bufallo Jar Rice Cooker

Factors to consider when purchasing a Rice Cooker

Different brands of rice cookers are in the market and for you to know how to use a rice cooker; you should be able to purchase a suitable one. Here is the rice cookers buying guide which will assist you in making a decision when you need the perfect cooking appliance for rice.

  • Cost:

People go mostly for the simple, cheap and functional rice cookers in the market. A person who cooks rice, exclusively the white brand, needs to buy a rice cooker whose range costs $12-$20. The appliance will get to serve all your needs. If you cook more than three times a week, then you will splurge a lot more to get a smart-rice cooker that virtually guarantees perfect cook of rice.

  • Size:

Most rice cookers in the market have sizes ranging from three to twenty cups. The dimensions aren’t the number of cups of rice you should cook in the machine. They mean the number of uncooked ingredients which can fit in the rice cooker.

The amount of rice you cook in a single time is an equation that determines what size of rice cooker you should purchase. The space for storage matters also especially when you get to have a lot of appliances in the market.

  • Ease of use:

The main reason why people buy rice cookers is that it makes the task much more manageable. Before purchasing a rice cooker, you will get to inquire which appliance is easy to use.

When the design is simple, the user has an easy time figuring out how to operate the cooker. Some have a basic one-button model while others have more additional settings which offer a much more hard functionality.

Smart rice-cookers get challenging to figure out sometimes, and despite the complicated setting, they offer the most work. They need only the user to get the input and settings right for them to serve your purpose well enough.

  • Durability:

Avoid going for the cheapest option because cheap is always expensive in the end. A user should get a rice cooker that they can count on to last after using severally and for the rice cookers, the expensive brands get to last longer than the cheaper ones. Find a brand that has a positive reputation in the market.

  • Types of use:

Rice cookers may perform other functions such as steaming of the vegetables and making different types of rice or grains. The moderate pressure produced gets to play other extra features.

Such rice cooker should be more versatile, and they get to be expensive than the standard types. Some models come with recipe books as an extra and depending on your need, then purchase what suits you.


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Think of the last time you had to clean burnt rice that you cooked using the traditional method and decide if purchasing an automated rice cooker is worth your money. Rice cookers get to be affordable right now in the market. They offer much more than just cooking the white rice for you. Knowing how to use your brand new appliance is not as hard as it seems. Follow the instructions on the given manual and set it up for use without any trouble.

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