How To Sharpen a Chainsaw Blade With An Electric Sharpener

We’ll discuss grinding chainsaw using an electric sharpener, which is quite easy and convenient than the conventional style. Sharpening is a must for a chainsaw user as the chain always gets blunt after being used for a certain period of time. When you get less performance speed, your machine makes noise or stops in between your work; it might be the time to sharpen your chain. Two ways of sharpening method include using a file and using an electric sharpener.

Now, look at how to sharpen a chainsaw blade using an electric sharpener:

Learning about Your Chain:

 It’s important to know everything about the chain that you are going to sharpen. This will not only help you to sharpen it but also it will help you while you need to buy a new chain for your machine. The specifications of the chains might vary chainsaw to chainsaw—the best way to learn about it from the user manual that you get with your machine.

Gauge is the thickness of a single tooth; the pitch is half of the distance of any three rivets. You also have to know about the angle of your sharpening teeth.

Learning about Your Electric Sharpener:

 An electric chainsaw sharpener has a grinding disk that rotates at high speed, and when a metal comes in contact, it becomes sharp. The other part contains a chain holder that has a clip, and it rotates to adjust the position of the chain. The grinding disk is attached to a handle that moves up and down. There are other adjustment screws that you will know about while using.


Now the main process of sharpening a chainsaw will begin.

1. Attach the Chain: At first, you have to place your chain to the rail on the sharpener board where your chain will slide on. The rails angle is adjustable so that you can adjust the chain according to the angle of its teeth. When you are done adjusting the angle, lock it so that it doesn’t move. There is an important thing to remember that in a chainsaw, every tooth of the chain angled in two different directions; every other tooth is pointed in the same direction. 

2. Install the Grinding Wheel: Your next step will be installing your grinding wheel. It will help if you put the wheel in place, directed in your user manual. After putting tighten it perfectly so that it doesn’t come off while rotating. Now bring down the handle and place the wheel on the tooth that you will sharpen. You have to adjust the depth of the wheel so that it grinds only the required part, not more. If you don’t adjust, you might end up cutting the entire chain.

3. Sharpen your Chain: Start the engine and bring down the handle with the grinding wheel and sharpen one tooth slowly after finishing that slide and bring the other tooth and sharpen it. In this way, you complete the entire circle, grinding every other tooth. Now rotate the rail to adjust the different angles of the teeth to your grinding wheel. Following the previous method, sharpen every other tooth again and complete the circle. You have to remember that every other tooth of a chain is angled in the same direction.

4. Finishing up: Remove the chain from the rail and check if every tooth is sharpened properly. If you have missed any part, you can easily place the chain on the rail and sharpen that unfinished part. After you have completed the task, don’t forget to keep your sharpener to its storage.

It’s always important to sharpen your chain to get the best result and avoid any unwanted hazards. A blunt chain might cause any kind of accident while cutting wood. It’s also important to wear proper PPE; in this case, goggles and gloves are important, to be on the safe side. Using a sharpener, whether it is a file or an electric one, is time and cost-saving. To sharpen your entire chain with an electric sharpener, it might take only five minutes. It also saves you 5-10 bucks that you would spend every time going to a shop for sharpening your chain.

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