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10 best remote car starters 2020

If you are a car owner then you will agree with us that in the winter season, the cars and other vehicles cause the engine starter problem. Right? And if you live in a very extreme cold place then you have to warm your vehicle’s engine before going on a ride. In this situation, a remote car starter system can be a time and effort saver for you.

A basic remote car starter allows you to start your car’s engine without your physical presence. Not only this but if you live in a very humid and hot area, then also it can be very beneficial for you to use a remote car starter.

It’s because most people prefer to drive their vehicle after turning on the air conditioner of their car and it takes a bit time to cool your vehicle’s inner environment. Instead, you can turn on your car’s air conditioner without turning on manually with the help of a remote car starter. 

However, there are some advanced features of the car starter system also present in the market right now. Many of them allow you to perform the car starting, lights turn on/off, door locking and opening, and GPS tracking like advanced tasks.

Still, if you want to buy the best remote car starter for your car then there are too many things that you need to know about before making any purchase. To help you make a solid buying decision, we have decided to list ten best car starters of 2020 in this post. And we are sure that the buying guide on this topic will work as icing on the cake for you. 

10 Best Remote Car Starters

Avital 4103LX Remote Start System

Avital 4103LX Remote Start SystemFirstly, let’s start this list by adding the Avital 4103LX Remote Start System in the very first place.

It is a basic type of remote starter that you can buy right away if you are looking for the best basic remote car start system then this one can serve you better.

Talking about the features, so it allows you all the basic features that you can expect from a normal but good remote car starter.

Therefore, the box content has included two remote starting units, which is helpful for you if one remote mistakenly lost. There are a few modes present inbuilt in this starter system, and you can easily configure those modes because it allows you to program the whole system accordingly. 

The Panic mode is one of the important features that come with this remote car starter. This mode will automatically alarm when someone is trying to do the strange activity with your vehicle.

Ultimately, you will come to know whenever someone is trying to steal your car, thankful here you will get the loud sound for the alarm. Talking about the installation part, so it comes with the Bypass Module installation, which makes it easy to install for everyone. 

  • Two remote units are pretty beneficial for every person because you can use any of them in case one mistakenly lost.
  • You can turn on or off the different modes of this starter system by programming this system, it’s because it has the easily programmable feature.
  • The range is not that great, and some users complained about it. 


Crimestopper RS4-G5 1-Way Remote Starter

Crimestopper RS4-G5 1-Way Remote Start and Keyless Entry SystemIf you want something with very strong transmission and receiving power then you should give a try to this particular remote starter system for your car. The Crimestopper RS4-G5 1-way remote starter comes with an amazing range of receiving signals from the transmitter remote from up to 2000 feet.

In our opinion, this is the main reason why many people and experts recommend this to every newcomer.

Going forward to the box content then we want to let you know that inside the box, you will get two units of remote, one main installation unit, one antenna, and some wiring stuff. Talking about the main installation units, so, it is a very compact but easy installation process of the unit.

Some of you might face the compatibility issue with some particular models of cars, but overall the performance of this remote starter system is pretty great. 

The Crime Stopper manufacturers are offering two brushed metallic finishing of remote units out of the box. Both the remotes or transmitters are pretty the same in the overall look, and both have five buttons for different operations. You can perform simple tasks with the help of these remotes like turning your car on or off, door locking and closing, trunk release, etc. 

  • If you left your car’s key somewhere else then don’t worry because this remote car starter system allows you to turn your car’s engine on without the physical key.
  • The range of this system is quite awesome because no other brands are offering this type of amazing range in this particular budget segment.
  • None so far


Compustar CS7900-AS Remote Starter

Compustar CS7900-AS Compustar is a very famous brand in the market, especially for its security systems for vehicles like cars, SUVs, and MPVs.

We know that the car starter is all about the better convenience for a car owner, so if you want to make your driving experience better, so you can give a try to this advanced car starter system.

We have decided to add this starter system from Compustar because it has every single feature that you can expect from an advanced type of remote car starter.

First, of all, it has an inbuilt CS7900-AS sensor, which can easily detect the unwanted intrusion into your car. By installing this system in your car, you ensure to make the hood, trunk, and doors to deleted any type of intrusions. 

However, it comes with a colored LED screen, that can allow you to see the visuals of your car’s current status with the help of the remote unit. Other than the status monitoring, you can also perform simple tasks such as unlocking, starting the engine, trunk release, etc. It has got a 105 decibel of the powerful inbuilt siren, so whenever the system detects the unusual activity then it goes off with the loud sound. 

  • The LED display makes it very easy to use and monitor the important status of your vehicle or car.
  • Compustar manufacturers have added strong transmitting and receiving units in it, which actually allow you to perform different tasks from a distance of more than 3000 feet.
  • None so far


Viper 5906V Color Remote Start System

Viper 5906V Color Remote Start & SecurityOn the fourth spot of this list, we have a very premium quality of remote starter system for your car. If you are ready to invest a bit of extra money to get something very valuable and make your experience more convenient then do make sure to look at this start system as well.

Viper is a very popular brand in the market right now because of their amazing and advanced technology. Talking about this remote starter unit’s features, so firstly, we want to tell you that it’s a two-way communication of the starter system.

In other words, the transmitter unit, and the receiver unit can easily communicate with each other to verify the execution of a particular command. 

Talking about the remote section, so basically there is no need for a dedicated transmission remote unit because you can perform almost all tasks with the help of your smartphone device. Other than the normal unlocking and starting tasks, you can also monitor the exact location of your vehicle, in case if it lost.

The main or central installation unit comes with the temperature detection sensor that can be a very beneficial thing for you during too hot or too cold a temperature environment. You can easily notice the inside temperature of your vehicle through your smartphone. 

  • The installation procedure is too simple for this premium quality of the remote car starter system, the user manual will help you a lot in this task.
  • The overall range of operations or command execution is more than one mile, which seems amazing.
  • The cost of this starter system pack is more than usual, which makes it a bit of experience for a normal user.


Avital 4115L Remote Start System

Avital 4115L 1-Way Remote Start SystemAnother remote car start system from the well-known brand Avital, this time we have included the 4115L model of remote start system on this list.

If you are running out of budget and you do not want to invest too high just to buy a single remote start system then definitely give a try to this one.

This Avital 4115L Remote Start System comes at a half price of the previous product that we have added from the same manufacturers on this list. The compatibility point of this remote start system is quite higher than the other brands of the normal start system. You can easily use this Avital 4115L remote starter with any model of car or vehicle you have. 

But the thing to remember before making any buying decision related to this product is that you can’t perform advanced tasks with this system. It’s because this allows you only to start your car’s engine from a distance, no other additional and advanced features are present in this starter system.

There are two remotes present inside the box, and each of them has only a single button on the front side. In our opinion, this is the perfect option for an average person who doesn’t want to mess up with advanced features and has a tight budget.

  • The signal transmitting rate is around 250 to 300 meters which is quite decent for this type of basic remote car starter.
  • Without any advanced features, it still allows you to start and enter your car without needing the physical key.
  • None so far


Fortin EVO-CHRT4 Remote Car Starter System

Fortin EVO-CHRT4 Stand-Alone Add-On Remote Start Car Starter SystemIf you are seeking a handy type of car starter system then it can be a good choice for you. The Fortin EVO-CHRT4 Remote Car Starter System is a very compatible type of system to install inside your car.

We are saying this because this car starter works pretty fine with almost all models of cars.

The Fortin manufacturers have already listed some of the models with those this system shows higher compatibility. It comes with an EVO-ALL module which is very beneficial to install it without putting extra effort.

The central unit of this starter system is very compact in size and has some light indication on the front side, that allows you to monitor the proper connection. 

There is no dedicated remote unit present inside the box of this Fortin EVO-CHRT4 Remote Car Starter System. The only reason behind this is that you can easily connect this whole starter system with your smartphone, and after pairing, you can do many tasks that a remote unit could allow you to do.

Not only this but you can program the central installation unit of this system to make it perfect according to your car model and your personal preferences. 

  • It’s a smartphone parking or connecting type of remote car start system which comes at a considerably low price.
  • You do not need to go through the dedicated installation process because it doesn’t require a lot of effort into the installation.
  • The command execution range is not that great.


Python 5706P Remote Start System

Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST 2-Way SecurityThe Python 5706P Remote Start System is another option of this list that offering great specifications and features.

Firstly, we want to talk about the remote part of this system, two-way communication of the remote unit. Where on the backside you will get four different operations and tactile feedback of buttons.

With these four buttons, you can send simple commands to your vehicle. And like we mentioned that it’s a two-way communication of a remote unit or starter system, which means you can easily see the confirmation of command execution as well.

For this, the Directed Electronic manufacturers have provided an LCD screen on the front side of the remote unit. 

Other than the visual common execution confirmation, the remote can also indicate the common execution by sound, vibration, and texts on the display too. These feedbacks from the remote start system makes it a very easy to use security or automatic starter system.

If we talk about the working range of this remote starter system, then we want to let you know that the transmission power is not that great but still, you can send commands to the receiver unit from an average distance of one mile. 

  • The size of the remote and the receiver unit is pretty compact, which makes it very easy for everyone to install.
  • Because of the two-way communication between transmitter and receiver, you can easily confirm the common execution.
  • Some users reported that it doesn’t work properly when the car has parked in the underground parking.


Prestige APS997Z Remote Car Starter

Prestige APS997Z Two-Way LCD Confirming Remote Start & Alarm 1-Mile RangeIf you don’t want to deal with the heavy and big size of the transmitter unit or remote unit of an automatic car starter system, in this case you need something very compact.

Therefore, we have decided to introduce the Prestige APS997Z Remote Car Starter on the eighth spot of this list.

The most considerable thing about this particular remote car starter is that it comes with a remote unit with both buttons and a decent-sized display.

Yes, you got it right, the Prestige manufacturers have provided an inbuilt LCD display in this budget-friendly car starter system. 

There is some basic level of mode present in this starter system such as panic mode and valet mode. But the best thing that we liked the most about this Prestige APS997Z Remote Car Starter is that a user can easily program the central and programmable unit without any issue.

If you want to program it according to your preferences then you can do it as well, and you can also turn off any mode if you want to. The remote itself has four buttons and an LED indicator at the rear side, and on the front side, you will get an LCD display with two buttons. 

  • According to the manufacturers, you can easily use this system after pairing with your smartphone as well.
  • The high contrast LCD display panel allows you to clearly see the status of your vehicle and know about the common confirmation.
  • None so far


CARLINK ASCL6 Remote Start System

CARLINK ASCL6 Remote Start Cellular Interface ModuleHere we have another decent but budget-friendly type or remote start system on the ninth spot of this list. This time we have included the CARLINK ASCL6 Remote Start System on this post to offer a bit of variety in the budget segment.

If you are looking for a remote start system for your car or any other vehicle that should have a great distance operation feature, then this one can be a perfect fit for your choice.

Usually, the CARLINK brand is offering the awesome distance operation range of the operation unit. But if you want an unlimited range for normal operations like turning on or off the engine, locking or unlocking, trunk release, etc.

In this case, you can try out the paid plan from CARLINK brand that allows you to perform these tasks over any network you are in contact with. 

There is no remote unit present inside the box, instead, you can use it to send the commands to the car’s central unit by pairing your smartphone with it. The only thing to remember before going with this particular remote start system is that it won’t properly work with the RF kits. 

  • The installation process of this CARLINK’s LSCL6 model of the start system is very easy and effortless.
  • If you go with the paid plan, then you can easily control this system over any network you have.
  • None so far


Click & ADD Viper 4105V Remote Car Starter

Click & ADD Viper 4105V Remote Car Starter 1-Way Two 4-Button Remotes KeylessSometimes it happens when you want a perfect product but your desired features are present in two different products. RIght? If this is the same case with you while choosing a perfect remote car starter then this combo can help you a lot.

On the final spot of this list, we have added the Click & ADD Viper 4105V Remote Car Starter. This combo has included the one-piece of Viper 4105V Remote Car Starter and one piece of Directed DB3 XPressKit DEI Databus ALL Combo Bypass.

If you have decided to go with this particular combo to make your car automatic for some specific operations, then this should be a perfect option for you. The best part about this combo that we liked the most is that it has a 95% higher compatibility with most of the car models. 

  • The operating range of this remote starter system that you can build with this combo, will have up to 300 meters of operating range.
  • This pack of two different units for making a car starter system seems a great deal under the budget.
  • None so far


How To Choose The Best Remote Car Starter – Buying Guide

Seriously there are a lot of things that take place to choose the best remote car starter. Especially, if you are a newcomer who hasn’t used an automatic car starter system then it may sound a bit tricky to you. But don’t worry because here we are going to list some points below that every buyer should consider before making any buying decision related to a remote car starter. 

  • Range:

The range of a wireless remote car starter is the most important point that you should not need to ignore if you want to buy the best one. When you head over to the market then you will come to know that there are too many variations present in the range/distance section. Some of the remote car starters offer only a few feet of range, while some others offer up to three miles of controlling range. 

In our suggestion, you should choose a decent range of starter for your car, up to 1000 feet of the range should be right for you if you are an average user. Instead, if you want a very higher range then you can buy more than three miles of range of remote car starter. Even there are some other options also we have listed on this list that offering the over the network control. 

  • Compatibility:

Compatibility should be your other main focused point while choosing the best remote car starter. Suppose if you purchased a car starter system but after you found that it is not compatible with your car’s model then it will be a complete waste of money. There are many varieties of remote car starters present in the market on the basis of the compatibility options. 

Thus, we want to suggest to all the readers of this post, that before making any purchase decision, you should always keep an eye on the compatibility section as well. ON this post we have added all the remote car starters that offering the higher compatibility, so go through all of those options and you will easily find a perfect compatible one for your car. 

  • Features:

The feature segment is the most versatile point in terms of the remote car starter. It’s because each of the remote car starter system making companies are trying and coming up with a different approach. There are mainly too many types of os features present that you can look for according to your personal preferences. But always make sure that your desired starter system should offer the normal tasks like starting the engine with one-click, locking and unlocking, trunk release, lights turn on and off, etc. 

If you are willing to go with a premium segment of the remote car starter system then always make sure to consider this feature segment. It’s because we have noticed that some brands are more focusing on the compatibility and the build quality section of a starter system for cars. Instead, you should always ensure to go with advanced features, such as different security does, socks sensors, two-way communication, GPS tracking, etc. 

  • Cost:

If you are running out of budget to buy a car starter system, but still you want to buy a good quality of the product. In this case, believe it or not, but you have to choose from very limited options only. Right? Nope, this is not going to be the case with you while choosing the best car starter remote system because you are a reader of this post. And here we have mainly focused on the price segment of each product before listing here. 

  • We have added some budget-friendly options that come with basic features, but some others have a decent price with amazing specifications. If you are dealing with the strict budget problem then do make sure to go through every car starter system of this post to get a perfect one according to your needs. 



Yeah, we know how hard it is to choose a perfect remote car starter, especially in the presence of a ton of different options. If you are the person who doesn’t want to mess up with research kind of stuff to get some relatable and budget-friendly remote car starter suggestions, then this post was all about you. We are saying this because here we have picked and listed ten best remote car starters of 2020 after filtering from dozens of options. 

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