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The Best Motorcycle Wheel Balancer In [2020]-With Reviews & Buying Guide

Having the best motorcycle wheel balancer is a concept that gets lost on many. Especially if you are a new bike rider, it’s hard to know the importance.

But you might have seen it in action. If you’ve ever taken your bike for servicing, you might have noticed a tool where they attach the wheels to see something.

That’s my friend, the motorcycle wheel balancer. Something the passionate bike riders are quite aware of, to be honest. In the best interest of a smooth ride, you need to check out your tire’s balance.

Otherwise, the tires might wobble like crazy to cause you to lose control. And while riding on the road, it’s the worst thing that can happen to you.

But how can you do so?

With the help of the best motorcycle wheel balancer, anyone can do it—no need to wait anymore to take the bike for servicing. Why waste money on repairs when you can do it yourself?
Just give it a try and see the results yourself.

Bearing that in mind, if you want to make sure the wheels on your bike is always in balance, get a portable wheel balancer at your disposal. And like always, I’ve got the best ones for your right here.
Best Pick+ Best Choice+Budget Pick:

  • Best pick:

For my best pick, I’ve got to go with Tusk. It’s is one of the most versatile wheel balancers. Using this stand, you can do tire lacing, truing, and balancing wheels. Thanks to the adjustable cones, this supports wheel sizes up to 21 inches which is quite excellent. Also, you can adjust the legs to level it to the uneven ground while the leveling bubble on it tells you if it’s even or not. All these features are there to give you an accurate balance on the tires.

  • Best Choice:

Taishi for me is the best choice. Simply because it uses dynamic balancing. So, you get a more accurate result on the balance of the tires. Now, the aluminum and fiber plastic structure isn’t the ideal combo for such a tool. But if you compare it to others, you will see how lightweight it is. And it’s not that flimsy too. The fire-resistant plastic can withstand wearing.

  • Budget Pick:

For a heavy-duty metal construction, the A-pro SRL is quite a steal. Using this tool, you can easily support wheel rims up to 22-inches. Plus, the bearings let the aluminum shaft to spin with ease. No friction, nothing.

Also, you get the adjustable legs with the wheel balancer. Now, there are a couple of things missing from it. But if you solely want a wheel balancer that comes within a tight budget, you won’t complain about it. That’s for sure.

The 10 Best Motorcycle Wheel Balancer


Goplus Motorcycle Bike Wheel Balancer

Goplus Motorcycle Bike Wheel Balancer, Rim Tire Balancing Spin Static Truing StandGoplus is one of the best motorcycle static wheel balancer, if not the best. Using this tool, anyone can install and balance tire more quickly and accurately.

From Harley Davidson to dirt bike wheels, this one tool can handle it all, making it the perfect companion for your shop or garage.

What you get here is a dense duty iron structure that is solid. On top of it, to make the structure more stable, the pedestal has four locking leveling feet with a leveling bubble.

And to make sure it remains usable for years to come, the dirt bike wheel balancer gets a black powder finish. That helps it to resist rust and corrosion.

With this tool, you can do more than just balancing the wheels. If you want to lace the wire or truing it, you can do that too.

But the main job of it is to balance the tires. And to help with that, the machine has 2-adjustable wheel centering cones.

Being adjustable, they let you change the space between tires. Therefore, you can now fit a wide range of tire sizes. Meanwhile, the central shaft feature allows you to eliminate the friction of the bearings of your rides.

Highlighted Features:

  • The multi-function wheel balancer for lacing wire, truing and balancing tires
  • Has 2 adjustable wheel centering cones.
  • Made from heavy-duty iron for a long-lasting lifespan.
  • Quick installation of tires using the tool
  • Offers four locking leveling feet and a leveling bubble on the pedestal for better stability.
  • ∙ Easy to use.
  • ∙ Durable.
  • ∙ Accurate.
  • ∙ Adjustable cones.
  • ∙ Great value for money.
  • ∙ Hard assembly.

Top FAQ:

  • Do you need to assemble it?

You get all the parts to assemble the wheel balancer.

  • What’s the best feature of the Goplus?

The structure gets a coated finish, which resists rusting and scratches.

Tusk Motorcycle Wheel Balancing and Truing Stand

Tusk Motorcycle Wheel Balancing and Truing StandFor personal use at home, Tusk gets happily welcomed. If your wheel has irregular spots on it, then it might cause vibration and let you feel more fatigue while riding the bike.

You need to true the rim. For that, use the pointer and set it close to the wheel and spin the tire.

By doing so, you will figure out where the rim is coming close and where it is going away from the pointer.

Depending on that, you will tighten or loosen the spokes on the wheel. That way, you will figure out where the tire isn’t entirely round and adjust it to get rid of the wobbling.

Meanwhile, the bubble level in the base with adjustable feet will make sure the stand is level for the balancing process. On the other hand, bearing shaft supports and cone wedges to center everything up. And as they are adjustable rails, you can work with various sizes of wheels using it.

Not to forget, the center shaft features helps to eliminate friction, which is vital for balancing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect to do lacing, truing, and balancing wheels.
  • Supports wheel sizes up to 21 inches.
  • Wheel centering cones measuring 15mm tapering to 32mm.
  • Adjustable rim pointer for wheel truing.
  • Rubber feet and leveling bubble for greater stability.
  • ∙ Sturdy
  • ∙ Easy assembly.
  • ∙ Excellent value.
  • ∙ Perfect for truing
  • ∙ Easy to use.
  • ∙ No proper instruction for assembly.

Top FAQ:

  • What’s the maximum size wheel that can be balanced?

With Tusk, you can balance 21-inch motorcycle rims.

  • Which feature stands out the most?

Find the right level ground to work on using the bubble leveler.

BikeMaster Wheel Balancer and Truing Stand

BikeMaster Wheel Balancer and Truing StandWith time, motorcycle tires get imperfections and can have excess materials on some sides, making it weigh more than on one side.

For this reason, imbalance occurs in the tire that creates vibrations when you shoot at high speed.

With the help of a BikeMaster motorcycle tire balancer, you can get rid of that annoying jiggle.

All you need is to insert the shaft of the balancer and fix it in place with the cones. After putting it on the stand, the wheel will swing before it comes to a halt.

What’s the static wheel balancer is doing is identifying the heftiest portion of the tire. When the wheel stops swaying, that will be dead in the middle bottom part of the tire.

Now, compensate with wheel weight on the other end of it, and it won’t swing anymore and be static. Your wheel now gets balanced.

Using the pointer on the steel structure, you do the truing. And as it is steel constructed, it is ideal for workshops and home garages alike. Also, giving you the flexibility to work with a wide range of tire sizes between 30 cm to 54 cm.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect to use on motorcycle and ATV’s wheels.
  • Features bubble leveler to balance wheels perfectly
  • Made from steel for better lifespan
  • Parts include shaft, cones, and spacers
  • 30-54 cm width wheels fit right between it.
  • ∙ Easy to use.
  • ∙ Perfect for balancing wheels.
  • ∙ Can do truing.
  • ∙ Fits a variety of wheel sizes.
  • ∙ Durable and stable.
  • ∙ Hard to assemble.
  • ∙ Doesn’t come with instruction.

Top FAQ:

  • Does it have a bubble leveler?

Yes, it has a bubble leveler for balancing wheels at the first go.

  • What’s the breathtaking aspect of this balancer?

Build quality of it is quite extraordinary thanks to its heavy-duty steel construction.

TiAMAHAUL Portable Motorcycle/Bicycle Wheel Balancer

TiAMAHAUL Portable Motorcycle/Bicycle Wheel BalancerFinding a flat surface to work on can be an issue in itself. That’s why TiAMAHAUL gives you the flexibility of adjustable feet.

Now, you can modify the rubber foot pads to make it sit evenly.

Don’t have to bring out any leveling tools to make sure if it’s even or not. Simply use the built-in bubble eye of the balancer.

Then again, you’ve got to go back to the feet. There you will find rubber grips that make sure the structure stays in place. It won’t turn over or slip away.

Similarly, the structure also helps with the stability factor. As the tool gets made of high-quality iron, it isn’t flimsy at all.

But, that wasn’t enough, which is why they used a durable black powder coating on the structure to prevent wearing and rusting. Going further ahead, you will come across the chrome-plated balance, which also resists the wearing.

In short, if you’re looking for the best motorcycle wheel balancer that’s going to last forever, this is the one.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from high-quality iron.
  • The multi-purpose tool works on motorcycle wheels, cycle wheels and much more
  • Perfect to use for lacing the wire, truing and balancing the wheels.
  • Adjustable feet for leveling the stand for precise work.
  • Comes with a 1-year quality warranty.
  • ∙ Easy to use.
  • ∙ Durable.
  • ∙ Built-in leveler.
  • ∙ Adjustable feet.
  • ∙ Good traction.
  • ∙ Heavy.
  • ∙ Not as accurate as some others.

Top FAQ:

  • Is it rust-proof?

Yes, the unit gets coated with black powder that prevents it from rusting.

  • What’s the most eye-catchy feature of the unit?

For me, the adjustable feet is the best part of this unit. It is super easy to modify.

Motion Pro 08-0538 Axis Wheel Truing-Balance Stand

Motion Pro 08-0538 Axis Wheel Truing-Balance StandMotion pro wheel balancer stand out from the crowd due to its design. Unlike the others, it doesn’t have bars on both sides.

Instead, there is only one side. Now, it gets fashioned this way to cut weight to make it more portable.

Also, it gives you easier access to the spokes and nipples.

Therefore, while working on your tires for truing, building, or balancing, there won’t be any interference.

Plus, you get precise wheel balancing with the tool as the bearings of it are of the highest quality.

In case you need to work on tires other than your motorcycle, you can do that too. The 15mm axle on the balancer fits most tires. Meanwhile, the hub cones on it hold the wheel firmly, making sure it doesn’t wobble when you’re trying to fix it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Built for building, truing, and wheel balancing.
  • Innovative single-sided design.
  • Precise wheel balancing with high-quality bearings.
  • Fits most modern street and dirt bikes.
  • Cones work with .71 inches to 1.26 inches bearings.
  • ∙ Lightweight.
  • ∙ Highly portable.
  • ∙ Easy to use.
  • ∙ Accurate.
  • ∙ Simple assembly.
  • ∙ No built-in leveler.
  • ∙ Not durable.

Top FAQ:

  • Does it need assembly?

Yes, you’ve got to piece the thing together before use.

  • What’s the best quality of this tool?

Compared to others, it is super lightweight. That’s is its biggest USP.

Taishi Motorcycle Wheel Balancer Machine Adapter

Taishi Motorcycle Wheel Balancer Machine Adapter Adapters with 10mm Installation HoleEven though you’re not riding a superbike, the tires on your bike are wearing out as if you’re doing burnouts.

If that’s the case, then surely the bike tires have a balance issue.

To get the balance right, you need the help of the motorcycle wheel balancer adapter. That’s where Taishi comes in to play.

Where all the tools so far used static balancing, this one uses dynamic balancing.

Now, the big difference is that in static balancing, you find the hefty portion of the tire with just the use of the vertical force. Dynamic balancing uses the same effect with the addition of lateral force to find out the imbalance.

Let’s not get into the science. In simple words, it offers a more accurate result. And this accuracy gets provided by an aluminum and fiber plastic structure. Compared to others, it’s quite lightweight. But don’t be a fool to think it’s flimsy. The plastic is fire-resistant and can withstand wearing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from aluminum sheet and fiber plastic.
  • The hole size of the installation is around 10mm.
  • Fits spindle of 36mm
  • Balance accuracy of it is ≤ 2g
  • Works on 6-24 inches tire
  • ∙ Better balance accuracy.
  • ∙ Lightweight.
  • ∙ Supports a variety of tire sizes.
  • ∙ Durable.
  • ∙ Expensive.

Top FAQ:

  • Can you use it to balance cycle tires?

Yes, you can.

  • Why is it better to use?

It offers more accuracy in balancing. Especially, if you’re using tires with a width of 4-inches or more, this one comes handy.

A-Pro Wheel Balancer Motorbike Truing Balancing

A-Pro Wheel Balancer Motorbike Truing Balancing Rim Tire Truing StandA-pro has the standard design: a typical dual stand balancer with an axle and two cones.

Under that structure, you’ve got 4-rubber feet. These help the paddock stand to be in one place without slipping.

When you’re working on surfaces that aren’t even, use the same legs to adjust to the surface. That’s right; these are adjustable legs.

The only problem you’ve here is that it doesn’t have the built-in leveler on the tool. So, for checking the level, you need to get a leveler.

Other than that missing bit, the steel construction is on par with the rest. It’s durable, easy to use and multi-functional. Using this one tool, you can do truing, balancing, and even lacing of your wheels, if you need to.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Universal fit model
  • Highly portable and easy to use.
  • Padlock stand offers better quality.
  • ∙ Easy to use.
  • ∙ Multi-functional.
  • ∙ Durable.
  • ∙ Adjustable feet.
  • ∙ No leveler.
  • ∙ Heavy.

Top FAQ:

  • What’s the package dimension of this tool?

A-pro has a dimension of 17.1 x 10.4 x 3.1 inches.

  • What aspect of it is the most impressive?

Its durable steel construction stands out the most.

BGS 8459 | Motorcycle Wheel Balancer

BGS 8459 | Motorcycle Wheel BalancerIntending to make the most durable balancer, BGS comes with their 8459. Like many of the other balancers, it uses the steel frame to achieve that longevity.

But it tops that with a solid shaft. No doubt, the carbon steel shaft is one of the finest you’ll ever see.

Not only it gives you smooth rotation on tires without friction, but it also ensures durability.

On top of the paddocks, you got the bearings: two on each side. What they do is allow the shaft to spin without any friction.

That’s important if you want to get an accurate balance on the tires. To ensure the structure remains stable, the BGS offers legs covered in rubber.

Thanks to it, you get better traction with the surface that it keeps it in one position.
Even though it’s an inexpensive model, it doesn’t feel like one at all.

Highlighted Features:

  •  Static wheel balancer.
  •  Only for balancing wheels.
  •  Balances tire up to 740mm in diameter and 320 mm width
  •  Steel frame with carbon steel shaft
  • ∙ All parts included.
  • ∙ Durable.
  • ∙ Easy to use.
  • ∙ Perfect for balancing.
  • ∙ Inexpensive.
  • ∙ No pointer for truing.
  • ∙ Leveler missing.

Top FAQ:

  • How much does the unit weigh?

It weighs around 10.43 pounds.

  • What is the feature to look out for in the BGS?

In comparison to some other models, it has a smoother shaft that lets the tire rotate without any interference. That helps to get you a more precise balance on the tires.

Sealey Motorcycle Wheel Balancer

Sealey Motorcycle Wheel BalancerSealy uses gravity to find the dense point in the wheel. Looking at the design of the device and now knowing how it works, you can easily figure out that it is a static wheel balancer.

Made with steel and painted in red, the wheel balancer looks great. The structure is good enough to hold massive tires with ease.

And regardless of that construction, the unit weighs less than 10 pounds, which in itself is a big feat.

What’s missing from it is the pointer which means it only allows balancing the balancing of the tires. But the good thing is that it got the bubble eye on the bottom frame.

Now, you can easily identify if the ground is uneven or not. And if it’s not flat, simply use the adjusting legs on the bottom. All in all, it’s the equipment you can be proud of having in your garage.

Highlighted Feature:

  •  Professional motorcycle wheel balancer.
  •  Perfect for most motorcycle wheels.
  •  Includes two cones, a spindle.
  •  Easy to align and balance.
  •  Made from durable steel.
  • ∙ Looks good.
  • ∙ Solid build.
  • ∙ Bubble eye leveler.
  • ∙ Adjustable legs.
  • ∙ Easy to use.
  • ∙ Assembly takes time.
  • ∙ Expensive.

Top FAQ:

  • What is the dimension of the unit?

The unit has a dimension of 13.94 x 17.72 x 3.27 inches.

  • What’s the best part about the Sealy?

You can get more accuracy on balancing the tire and rime using this unit compared to other balancers in the market.

Wheel Balancer Motorcycle Truing Balancing Rim Tire Truing Stand Red

Wheel Balancer Motorcycle Truing Balancing Rim Tire Truing Stand RedA-pro Srl uses a heavy-duty steel construction to built its static wheel balancer. So, it is perfect for handling heavy rims without any problem.

And this one can do so as this supports wheel rims up to 22-inches. While the frame gets the steel body, the head uses the aluminum shafts and cones.

These are perfect as they have a smooth finish which lets the bearings to spin it with ease. No friction, nothing.

The most impressive thing, however, about the wheel balancer is the adjustable legs. That’s because the screws on the bottom aren’t tough to turn, unlike some other models.

You can easily adjust it within seconds. And some will say that’s not even the best part of it.

What attracts most people to the A-pro is its price. I agree with them as it is the best value motorcycle wheel balancer.

Highlighted Features:

  •  Heavy-duty metal construction
  •  Universal fit model.
  •  Highly portable due to its lightweight design
  •  Works as a stand to lift the motorcycle.
  •  Perfect for balancing and truing.
  • ∙ Durable.
  • ∙ Easy to use.
  • ∙ Multi-functional.
  • ∙ Portable.
  • ∙ Easy to maintain.
  • ∙ A bit heavy.
  • ∙ Leveler missing from it.

Top FAQ:

  • What’s the weight of the wheel balancer?

It weighs about 13.97 pounds.

  • What’s the best feature of it?

Affordability is the best trait of it.

Buying Guide of Best Motorcycle Wheel Balancer:

With time, the symmetry of the rim breaks, and the tire starts to become uneven. Thus, the imbalance occurs that make bike riding a challenge. To balance things out, you need to straighten the rim and put some counterweights on the tire. But to do all that, you need to take the ride for servicing.

Or you can do it all by yourself, using the best motorcycle wheel balancer. But how do you know which one is right for the job? That’s where the guide comes to your rescue.

  • Types:

There are two types of balancer: Dynamic and static. Now, for a regular person, handling the static one is much more comfortable. That’s because static balancing only finds the spot where it weighs more and counterbalances it with additional weights on the opposite side.

Dynamic balancing, on the other hand, takes account of the position of imbalance along the rotational axis. It not only focuses on the middle part but also tries to find out the imbalance on the tire edges. That’s harder to do. But the result of the hard work is that you get a more accurate balance on the wheels.

  • Material:

As you will be working with tires, you need to think about weight. So, having a solid foundation of steel is the right way to go about things. You will be losing the portability on them, but they will last longer.
On the flip side, for a more lightweight option, you can go with plastic possibilities. They might be more portable but might not last as long as the steel counterparts.
You’ve got to, therefore, weigh in the pros and cons first before choosing one.

  • Functionality:

Everyone should look for a flexible unit. If you can get a wheel balancer that allows you to do more than balancing the wheels than that’s a big plus.
Now, there are a variety of static motorcycle wheel balancers that let you do truing, lacing, and balancing at the same time.

However, don’t just blindly go for multiple functionalities. Focus more on the accuracy of a particular job. First of all, the unit needs to provide accurate results on balancing. If it does that job properly, only then you should look beyond it for other use.

  • Adjustable legs:

There will be times, the area where you’re placing the balancer is not even. You can’t work on an uneven surface. For finding the balance of the tires first, you first need to find the balance of the tool.
That’s why you should look for units that offer adjustable legs. If your balancer gives you the flexibility to adjust the legs, you can easily set up the tool on uneven surfaces.

  • Leveler:

Now, to identify if the tool is set even on the ground, you need a leveler. If you don’t have one in your toolbox, then you need to buy one. Or you can simply go for models that have in-built levelers on them. That way, when placing the tool on any surface, you can quickly know if that been set evenly or not.


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  • How do you balance a dirt bike wheel?

You just simply fix the wheel on the axle and wait. First, the tire will swing for some time, before stopping at one point. When it stops, you know the bottom side of the wheel has the extra weight. Now, use counterweights on the other end, which is in the top. That’s how you balance the tire.

  • Do motorcycle wheels need balancing?

Yes, you need to balance motorcycle wheels. Otherwise, there will be vibrations when you move fast that will cause you to feel more fatigue. Not to mention, the tire will wear out more quickly.

  • Can you balance a tire at home?

With the help of the motorcycle wheel balancer, you can easily find the imbalance at home. So, yes, you can balance your tire at home.

  • What does an unbalanced tire feel?

The unbalanced tire can feel a bit wobbly and have that hop feel on it as if some rock went under it.

  • Can you balance a tire without a machine?

You can do it, but the result won’t be as accurate as of the wheel balancer.


A proper rotating tire is a must for the safety and comfort of the rider. But with time, the wheels get all imbalanced, and it causes various issues. That is why it is crucial to have the wheels balanced at the first signs of imbalance. Here you can Easily Choose Best Motorcycle Wheel Balancer for your Professional Works.

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