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The Best Dirt Bike Helmets In 2020 [Expert’s Guide With Reviews]-Depending On Your Budget

Hey there, are you looking for dirt bike helmets? I am too looking for my own. Let’s jump together, picking up the right one.

Riding on an ATV or off-road gives a leap of freedom. We will not get it in driving expensive cars. It is a matter of shock that this aspect of freedom costs us with quality helmets. You are must be a pro, but you cannot be so sure about falls, can you?

Now, purchasing a new dirt bike helmet is a thing we often do. And we do it for various reasons. Maybe the current helmet has taken damage. You are looking for an upgrade. Or, you are a brand new motocross rider. Reasons may vary, but we must look for the dirt bike helmet that works best for us.

More often we go out for a bike helmet with a limited budget. It is challenging. Cheap helmets raise a few question marks. Such as quality, protection, and visual appeals. To deal with these questions, we must know about the best dirt bike helmet. Helmets that give the best protection and also within your budget range or lowest possible price.

We know that the head matters the most while taking a massive crash. It doesn’t matter whether you spent $700 on a helmet or below $300. Will the motocross helmet do the job? It is the very first question we must solve before buying a new helmet.

There are so many dirt bike helmets available online. It gets messy when we get down onto our browser and try to choose. This article will fasten up your choice making. We are going to talk on budget-oriented dirt bike helmets. And also quality-oriented motocross helmets.

There are ways of buying a second-hand dirt bike helmet. It is not inspiring at all. Second-hand dirt bike helmets can be accessible at money but not on quality.

When we are considering the best dirt bike helmet for the money, we have kept in mind; quality measures, safety features, cost, and brand reputation.

What is the best dirt bike helmet?

Determining the best helmet is not a very tough thing to do. The best helmet is that one which gives you the best safety, quality, durability, and so on within your budget. Hence, this following two pieces of advice will help you to lead towards choosing the best one out of many.

Never rush to choose any helmet keeping the budget and price in mind. When the question comes what the top dirt bike helmet is, it does not mean the most expensive of all or vice versa. The answer is the one that fits the best, gives a clear vision, and keeps the head safe.

Always check a few essential things—the shell build quality, design, vents, visor, chin straps, and safety certifications. A DOT or SNELL certified helmet derives the question of safety. You must ensure these certifications at the very least.

There is a good number of brands available in the market. Not worry about this at the very beginning of this Top 10 best dirt bike helmets list. We will start by one of our best choices, and it is amazon’s best-seller at recent times. It is an allrounder considering cost-quality-durability-safety and features.

The following dirt bike helmet is the best budget dirt bike helmet. As far as customer feedback, cost, and quality are.

Demon Podium Full Face Helmet

This fantastic helmet is an Amazon Best Seller. One of the best helmets under $100.

Under $100, the podium full-face helmet is a recently launched. It comes at a low cost, and is also highly durable. The podium is very lightweight. This helmet is built keeping the safety issues at the top priority.
The shell is built with durable polycarbonate and weighs in at a slight 2 L.B.S. It makes the helmet safe. It has the CPSC certification standards of safety. The podium helmet is designed with 13 vents to maintain the airflow.

Key Features:

Such more mentionable features are as below:

    • The helmet has an EPS liner to fit with your head.
    • The outer shell comes with polycarbonate.
    • The inner liner is fully removable, washable in this helmet.
    • The weight of the helmet is 2 lb. 2oz.-
    • There are 13 convenient Air Flow Vents
    • It is CPSC Certified for ensuring the safety
    • The helmet comes with a stunning helmet bag
    • It is engineered with MIPS Brain Protection System

Sizing Runs Small- size up when ordering for a more comfy fit**. Demon United Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet w/ MIPS Brain Protection System

This cheap and durable dirt bike helmet has the compatibility of brain teaser audio. It’s easy to install the kit and uninstall.


    • XSM/Junior 49-53 19.30-20.90
    • S 54-55 21.25-21.65
    • M 56-55 22.00-22.45
    • L 58-59 22.80-23.22
    • XL 60-61 23.62-24.00


We separated the best dirt bike helmets into two categories. It is for you to make your choices easier.

    1. Premium
    2. Best Budget

To save your heads from being cracked up let’s look for the best choices that we have.


In our premium choices, we kept two of the exclusives. We want a helmet to be safe and comfortable. These dirt bike helmets will give that comfort. And will safeguard your beloved head.

So, Number one in this top ten list is:

Bell Moto-9 Flex Bike Helmets

Bell Moto-9 Flex Off-Road Motorcycle HelmetBell has launched its Moto 9 Flex version with maximum safety. It is, of course, an expensive Dirt bike helmet. If you are one of those who love to spend, then Bell’s Moto-9 Flex is the one you must pick.

The helmet weighs only 5.51 pounds. It should be ideal for all kinds of riders. Additionally, Moto-9 Flex has a wide variety of sizes. It has an impressive collection of colours.

The helmet comes with the eject system ready. It is designed for safer removal of the helmet with the use of inflatable airbags.

The moto-9 flex includes “magnefusion” magnetic cheek pads. The helmet allows removing the pads efficiently. So you can wash them whenever needed without putting any impact on the helmet.

3K Carbon Fiber Shell gives this helmet a look, performance, and lightweight feel. Flex’s energy management is the first of its kind. Three-layer impact liner designed to manage energy. It handles form three critical scenarios: low, high, and high-speed.

The X-static liner used in the Moto-9 Flex is washable. The material dries quickly. It is woven with real silver fibres. The liner speciality is: it destroys the growth of odour-causing bacteria and fungi.

The visor is fully adjustable. It has air intake vents. The stunning fact of the helmet is; it has velocity flow ventilation. It is a strategic setting of vent ports. It helps to push the air from front to backend.

Highlighted Specs

      • FLEX – liner built with three layers to manage energy in the outer impact
      • 3K CARBON SHELL – give a perfect look for race helmets
      • MAGNEFUSION MAGNETIC CHEEK PADS – fast removal ability for rescuers
      • VELOCITY FLOW VENTILATION – the strategic system for full airflow to keep the head cool and dry
      • The helmet has approval by Snell M2015 and DOT FMVSS 218 certifications

Shoei VFX-Evo Bike Helmets

Shoei VFX-EVO Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet - Black/LargeThe SHOEI VFX Evo is one of the most advanced helmet, and considering the best dirt bike helmets, this VFX evo comes with good value.

The helmet is packed with the best features and the performance level is ultra. S.H.O.E.I.’s VFX EVO gives the best safety, style, and progression and it possesses the Motion Energy Distribution System (MEDS).

It is a system that is strategically engineered to reduce rotational acceleration of the head during an accident. Safety is the most critical fact in a dirt bike helmet.

All new VFX-EVO features are precisely brought to give the best protection. S.H.O.E.I.’s exclusive Multy-ply matrix AIM+Shell construction strengthens the helmet from being compromised.

The VFX-EVO incorporates the aerodynamic advantages of a spoiler into its shell. The consistent shell thickness guarantees proper strength and weight.

Riding dirt bikes on a race track is a consistent sporting in a heated environment. It leads VFX EVO to prioritize the next-level ventilation system. The S.H.O.E.I. has in house wind tunnel system. The system helps to realize optimal vent port shapes, sizes, and locations.

The helmet gives the best comfort compared to other helmets in this price range. The 3D max dry interior system is fully removable, washable, adjustable, and replaceable and the build system gives the helmet a plush fit. It makes the EVO to secure hold while absorbing sweat. The VFX-EVO evaporate the sweat 2x faster than the nylon interiors.

Highlighted Specs

      • Motion Energy Distribution System [M.E.D.S.]
      • Dual-layer / Multi-Density EPS Liner
      • Multi-ply Matrix Aim+ Shell
      • Chin Bar Eps
      • Shell Design + Aerodynamics
      • Large Eyeport
      • Advanced Mouthpiece
      • Emergency Quick Release System [E.Q.R.S.]
      • 3d Max-dry Interior System


The budget is one of the most crucial issues in purchasing a helmet. We researched this issue very carefully. This section follows into three budget varieties.

    1. Under $100
    2. Under $200
    3. Under $300

These budget-oriented sections will help you to find the best piece. Considering the budget, here come the best helmets under $100.

Best Helmets Under $100

O’Neal 0200-214 unisex-adult off-road style 2SERIES Helmet

O'Neal 0200-214 unisex-adult off-road style 2SERIES Helmet SPYDE black/hi-viz L, LargeO’Neal is a trustworthy brand with experience of more than 40 years. O’Neal is one of the brands that offer the best deals to its customer.

When it comes down to helmet O’neal produces with quality, safety, and comfort. The O’neal 2 Series’s build quality is amazing.

The shell comes with A.B.S. The padded liner is designed for ultra-plush removing and washing ability.

The helmet is D.O.T. and ECE 22-05 certified. It ensures the rider to be safe.

Highlighted Features:

      • The nose guard is built with rubber roost
      • Visor used in 2 series is fully adjustable
      • Chinstrap is engineered with double-d release
      • Strategic vent position and efficient cooling system
      • A.B.S. – shell
      • Very Lightweight

1Storm Dual Sport Motorcycle Motocross Off-Road Full Face Helmet Dual Visor

1Storm Dual Sport Motorcycle Motocross Off Road Full Face Helmet Dual Visor Glossy Black1Strom is one of the best at producing the best quality product. They produce helmets at a very cheap possible price and the cheap helmets are also trustable with the D.O.T. certification.

Here, the 1Strom Dual Sport helmets come with D.O.T. certification. So, you have nothing to worry about. The helmet comes with a dual visor and dual sports.

It makes the helmet very flexible. Both shield and inner visors are easily removable. The shell is built with A.B.S. Its aerodynamic shape strengthens the body of the helmet.

The eps materials with multi-density provide full protection. The vent system is amazing in the 1Strom helmets. This particular piece has 11 vents. It has 4 at the back, 2 at the top and 5 at the front provides enough airflow. Liner and pads are fully removable. These are also fully washable to keep odour-free.

Highlighted features:

      • Thermoplastic alloy shell
      • Fully removable and washable inner pads
      • D.O.T. certified
      • Smoked visor and Outer shield

Motorcycle Motocross ATV Helmet D.O.T. Approved – YEMA YM-915 Motorbike Moped Full Face Off-Road Crash Cross Downhill D.H. Four Wheeler MX Quad Dirt Bike Helmet for Adult Men Women

Motorcycle Motocross ATV Helmet DOT Approved - YEMA YM-915 Motorbike Moped Full Face Off Road Crash Cross Downhill DH Four Wheeler MX Quad Dirt Bike Helmet for Adult Men WomenYEMA YM-915 is one of the highly rated dirt bike helmets. This ATV helmet is D.O.T. approved and its advance build quality is made for dirt biking.

The helmet is designed with advanced features. The vents are engineered to ensure proper airflow. The inner liner and padding are super hygienic, and the A.B.S. shell makes the helmet durable.

It has advanced chin strap for faster release also. The most exciting fact about this Y.E.M.A. YM 915 is its multipurpose durability.

Its lasting aerodynamic shape makes it suit for ATV, MTV, Dirt bike, dual sporting, and other race tracks. Its D.O.T. standard makes it trustworthy for extreme biking. Men and women both can wear this advanced helmet. The internal laser cut foam allows any additional equipment to fit in.

Highlighted Features:

      • A.B.S. Shell
      • Suits Dirtbike, MTV, ATV, and many more racing activities.
      • D.O.T. Approved
      • Mutes wind noise

G.L.X. Unisex-Child GX623 DOT Kids Youth ATV Off-Road Dirt Bike Motocross Helmet Gear Combo Gloves Goggles for Boys & Girls

GLX Unisex-Child GX623 DOT Kids Youth ATV Off-Road Dirt Bike Motocross Helmet Gear Combo Gloves Goggles for Boys & Girls (Graffitti, Small)GLX GX623 provides the best combo deal for kids. It comes with new gloves, goggles, and helmet bag and the helmet is built keeping the kids’ safety in mind.

It has D.O.T. certification. The interior is designed with advanced EPS material which gives the helmet extreme impact-absorbing ability.

The aerodynamic shape ensures the intake of the air, and it has 14 vents all around the body to maximize the airflow.

The material used in the helmet is EPS liner with multi-density. This material ensures the airflow thoroughly into the helmet. Customizable, safe visor with steel screws tried for the ideal protection and also secured the mount positioning.

GX623 has the latest mouth guard setting for advanced security. Chinstrap is fully removable with quick-release functionality. The whole inner microfibre materials are fully washable and the authorized dealer gives One-year full support and lifetime assistance.

Highlighted Features:

      • D.O.T. approved
      • Multi-density EPS material
      • Goggles and globes
      • Suits both kids and youth

Best Dirt Bike Helmets under $200

In our under $200 list, we have

Fox Racing V1 Przm Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

2019 Fox Racing V1 Przm Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet - Black/Pink / LargeThe new FOX V1 Przm is re-engineered from top to bottom. The exclusive Magnetic Visor Release System (M.V.R.S.) manages the outer rotational forces.

There were three visor screws and replaced with magnets. It ensures fast and effortless removal during an event.

The helmet exceeds ECE 22.05 and D.O.T. certifications additionally, the shell is constructed with polycarbonate and A.B.S. shell.

The SHELL and EPS have four-part to ensure a perfect fit. Liner and cheek pads are fully removable and washable which helps the helmet to be odour-free.

The V1 P.R.Z.M. has nine vents for air intake, and air circulates thoroughly into the helmet. The air exhausts through 4 vents.

Highlighted features:

      • M.V.R.S. system
      • D.O.T. and ECE 22.05 approved
      • A.B.S. shell and EPS polycarbonate materials
      • The inner interior is fully washable


Helmet FX41DS HI-VIS SMAFX is one of the manufacturers in the U.S. and U.K. that gives the best features at the best prices.

FX-41 is probably their best dirt bike helmet in terms of the budget. This affordable helmet consists of advanced features with comfort.

The helmet also has a drop-down visor easily movable and removable. U.V. and additionally, the scratch resistance shield gives visual comfort.

17 vents are installed overall the helmet to keep the inside cool. The inner liner is fully removable and washable. F.X.- 41 exceeds the D.O.T. and ECE 22.05 safety measures.

Highlighted features:

      • Shell comes lightweight poly-alloy
      • Scratch and U.V. protective
      • Intermediate oval shape
      • Comes with a lifetime warranty

Best helmet Under $300

LS2 Helmets Subverter Straight Full Face MX Helmet

LS2 Helmets Subverter Straight Full Face MX Helmet (Blue/HiViz - Small)LS2 helmets are game-changer around the globe. From east to west, in many countries, people choose LS2 helmets for their build quality and advanced features.

The helmet comes at a very affordable price also. Under 300 dollars, the LS2 subverter is the best choice for anyone to make.

The shell is built with kinetic polymer alloy in short K.P.A. The lightweight and slight flex are very crucial for energy management.

The composite materials used in it are proved to be the best in the world. Subverter comes with three shell sizes to give you the best fit.

The vision is customized for a wider eye-port. Any goggles from any brand can easily be fitted with this model.

Highlighted features:

      • Advanced rotational energy management system
      • Three different shell sizes
      • Wide eye port
      • D.O.T. certified.
      • FMVSS 218 approved

Fox Racing V2 Vlar Helmet

2020 Fox Racing V2 Vlar Helmet-Matte Black-2XLIt is the last in the serial of our best ten list. There are other helmets with similar potentials, such as Bell’s MX-9 MIPS, Fly Racing F2, etc.

But this Fox racing V2 raised the bar by the feedback of the customers. The Fox Racing V1 helmet has already set the milestone higher for this successor.

The V2 has been known as the standard of the MID LEVEL helmets. V2 Vlar comes with M.V.R.S. – Magnetic Visor Release System.

The EPS liner is based on dual-density, and the shell is featured by “Fluid Inside”. The Fluid inside resists the rotational and linear energy.

It theoretically protects the rider’s brain from the immediate impact. The shell is constructed with – A.B.S. It sets the safety standard of the V2 Vlar. Cheek pads and inner liner are removable and washable to keep odour away.

The helmet comes with four sizes for shell and EPS for the best fit. Lastly, the vent system is impressive, with 11 intake points and four exhaust points.

Highlighted Features:

      • D.O.T. approved
      • Exceeds ECE 22.05
      • Magnetic Visor Release System
      • Fluid inside

Buyer Guide

Few considerations for buying a dirt bike helmet: Dirt biking is a hardcore thing. Plus, this sport is a bit more aggressive. Crashes, bushes happen more often in this style of biking. You need to gear up before putting your feet on the race track. Safety comes first. The most irrecoverable damage happens due to head injuries. Keeping the head safe is the best move to keep yourself alive.

This buyer guide is elaborative for your understanding. You will end up knowing every little important issue about a helmet.

Let’s start by knowing about the types.

  • Open Face-

It has no face shield. So your chin and eyes are unprotective. It has the advantage of full visibility.

  • Full face:

It gives you all-around protection. It saves you head from an impact. Additionally, it provides safety from dust, U.V. rays.

  • Dual Sport-

Dual sport gives you a great deal. You can put it on any sort track. On or off-road, dual-sport suits all. Dual sport helmets come without a full face shield most often.

  • Touring Helmet-

The speciality of these helmets is they come with lots of features. As it is self-explanatory that these helmets are mainly for touring. Dirt bikers use these for more extended versions of dirt bike tracks.

  • Skull Caps-

These specific helmets are only for looks with no intension of safety—skull caps guard only the top of your head.

  • Women and Kids

Sometimes brands release models specifying gender or age groups. These sorts of helmet come with unique features and needed features.

  • Modular:

I prefer modular helmets. You can flip the chin bar. It helps you to use them both on or off-road occasions.

Hello there, right now we all know the types of helmet available in the market. You have to choose any of the classes. It’s all up to you. You know which helmet gives what value. My recommendation would be taking one with more safety, for example, Full face.

Now let’s dig deeper.

  • Budget

We have heard of cheap Dirt Bike Helmet, helmet under $100, or best dirt bike helmets. Now, your mind might play a trick. More money begets more quality. It is the correct but wrong approach. It’s the best practice not to think more about money value while buying a helmet.

You must look for the critical aspects. The budget is just an issue. You have to consider things you want to allow yourself to get. Then compare with your budget. It is always better to make your budget later.

  • Size and Fit

It is a significant and very crucial aspect of a helmet. We already told you to be more serious about the safety issue. You have to be more careful about size and fit.

You will be very uncomfortable while you ride if one this is not right. An oversized helmet will not sit still on your head, and any sudden misplacement can take place. Size is crucial. You must learn to measure your head correctly.

An unfit helmet will cause pain in the neck; knowing your head shape is essential in this case. We measure our head with tape, but we miss the shape. You might have to shuffle few cheek pads, foam liners for a better fit.

  • Determining the helmet size:

You have to measure holding the tape above your ears. And put it at least 1″ or ¾” above the eyebrows.
Give a proper look at the size chart. Remember, the table varies due to brands and models.

  • Weight

Well, weight is one of the issues that draw you to an event. It is sometimes tricky. We think a heavy helmet means more protection which is not valid.

Let’s understand the reason. A heavy helmet may with come more substantial shell construction. But it has some impact on your posture. Sometimes it gets tilty while jumping or cornering. It depends on your strength and balance also.

Make sure that you purchase the right weight. It could be a lightweight or a little heavy. One more thing is more important; do not compromise the shell quality to more-weight. Ultimately, the shell saves you.

  • Ventilation and Airflow

Ventilation and airflow in a dirt bike helmet have a method. We think more vents inflow more. Technically it is true. But, the trick is, it doesn’t inflow much.

The reason is the positioning with the aerodynamic shape. The positions of the vents have to be very specific with the aerodynamic shape. Only then, you will get the right inflow and exhaust.

A total inflow and exhaust system keeps the head fresh. It maintains freshness, and the foams and pads are also crucial. Be sure that inner parts are removable and washable.

The good news is, most of the dirt bike helmet under $100 comes with washable and removable materials.

Now, let’s know about the safety certifications. You can skip this section if you will.

While buying lower budget helmets safety approval is a significant fact. It increases your trust. It also ensures you whether the helmet is safe of not. These certifications help especially buying the cheaper helmets.

We will talk on four safety standards. Each of these has different sets of test schemes. The procedures are also different. Let’s loot deeper into each scheme.


The D.O.T. standard is the “basic” of all. Especially, where you are searching for a cheap dirt bike helmet. A DOT standard is a must for more affordable helmets. The term “basic” doesn’t mean a weak measure.

The test process in a D.O.T. standard is in-depth. D.O.T. test has some strict requisites to pass through. The scheme includes the vision, comfortability, retention system, impact resistance, and much more.

The bad part of this approval is: this is a self-certification. The manufactures test their own. So there is a mass chance of cheating. Additionally, D.O.T. does not include chin bar testing.
In conclusion, D.O.T. has tough tests.

It depends on the manufacturer. If you trust the brand you can trust the certification. We would recommend you to go for well-known brands. Even if you are buying a cheap dirt bike helmet.

Next down the line is,

ECE 22.05

The ECE 22.05 is not as old as the D.O.T. standard. E.C.E. testing is a bit more technical and indirect. Let’s be clear. Unlike D.O.T., E.C.E. testing concerns indirect factors more such as shell rigidity. E.C.E. tested helmets have a better face shield.

E.C.E. also emphasizes more on the vision. Additionally, E.C.E. requires an independent lab for the certification. Manufacturers cannot cheat.

E.C.E. seems to emphasize on some fixed points. It might help the manufacturer to cheat on other aspects. We would recommend you to try for renowned brands.

At third,


We know that the ECE is a European testing standard method and the S.H.A.P. tests only the E.C.E. passed helmets. The testing method is different, considering SNELL, D.O.T., and ECE 22.05. SHARP trials each helmet examining different points. The test results come with a star rating a scale of 5.

The SHARP test is based on the U.K. road standards. It is not suitable for U.S. standards in most cases. The star rating is also controversial, but SHARP emphasizes the real-life aspects, and the manufacturer cannot influence in its process.

A SHARP approval is very vital if you are buying dirt bike helmets under $300, $200, or even $100.


In a nutshell, this is the best standard available in the market. It takes the testing literally to the level of an autopsy. The SNELL testing includes every aspect you could imagine; has a very low level of anvil energy testing.

The SNELL test points out the weaker point in a helmet. It examines the aspects. SNELL also analyzes EPS lines and internal components. It provides the best and thorough tests existing in the market.

SNELL testing focuses on every detail of safety. It makes the process longer than usual and cost consuming. You will not get a SNELL certification in cheap helmets. It is sad.


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F.A.Q.s (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Question 1: How do you know if your helmet fits properly?

The helmet that fits on your head may not be your size always. Check the factors for the best fit below:

      1. Make sure that your helmet is not tilting.
      2. Check the cheek pads. It should not hurt you but hold smooth.
      3. The inner liner should leave no gap between your head.
      4. Ensure that the face shield doesn’t touch your nose.
  • Question 2: Which is the best type of helmet?

The best types mean the helmet that looks good and protects well too. The full-face helmets give you both. Look for D.O.T. or E.C.E. approved full face.

  • Question 3: Does wearing helmet cause hair loss?

Wearing a helmet for too long may cause hair loss after some time.
You can minimize the risk by ensuring the following things:

      1. Give your head a rest to minimize over sweating.
      2. Avoid rough eject
      3. Check for fungal infections.
      4. Maintain proper hygiene
      5. Wash the liners and pads regularly
      6. Use anti-fungal solutions
      7. Don’t massage your head too much.
  • Question 4: Which is the best helmet for long rides?

In short, full-face helmets. Full face helmets come with visors, shields. Those give you shade from sunlight, and protects you from U.V., dust, and many more. You can try touring helmets also. But full-face comes with a lot of features.

  • Question 5: When should I replace my helmet?

Primarily you must replace it takes damage. Don’t use a damaged helmet. On the other hand, a rider should replace his helmet at three to five year period. There is also another option that is replacing the inner foams, pads, or liners. Helmets like 6D offer a wide variety of cheap internal components for their helmets.

  • Question 6: Why do dirt bike helmets have visors?

Visor plays a very vital part of a dirt bike helmet. It prevents unwanted things to enter through the eye-port. Some times during an event, a branch of a tree can hit your face, or dust can get through, or a flare of the sun can distract you. The visor comes handy in these situations.

  • Question 7: What other dirt bike gear d I need?

Safety gears keep you safe and also enhances your look. You can try goggles. It will give you a damn good look, will save you from dirt and debris also. You can search the best dirt bike helmet with goggles.
Additionally, you can try the gloves and boots for protection and grip. Remember grip is essential in dirt bike racing.

  • Question 8: How to clean a dirt bike helmet?

The cleaning differs from people. Yet if the components are removable, then it is better. You can wash the inner liner and cheek pads. Remember, the material made of foam may lose their shape if you clean them hard. For the shell, use brush and detergent and rub gently. You can try toothpaste. It pulls off the dirt mark magically.

Last few words:

The best dirt bike helmets vary in different aspects. We tried to tell you as much as possible. We also wanted to show you the best choices available.

You can purchase a dirt bike helmet for different usages. It will look good on any ride. On or off; dirt bike helmet suits everywhere.

Never put the budget before safety. The budget is nothing in exchange for your head. Remember head is not replaceable.

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