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Best Car Air Mattress Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide [2020]

Taking a nap with full of quality and comfort is very important after driving for the whole day. If you drive your car regularly, then you may definitely know that the human senses start showing errors after a long drive, and you can take this as a signal to take rest. And by taking sleep, you can avoid the road accident that mostly happens when drivers fall asleep while driving.

But there is a catch when you sleep inside your car on a seat; then, it may happen that you feel back or neck pain after you wake up. To avoid this kind of problem, you can give a try to the Best Car Air Mattress. Basically, a car air mattress will allow you to carry it with you inside your car’s trunk. And whenever you feel like taking a nap inside your car, then just pump-up the air inside the air mattress, and you are ready to go.

If you are going with your family for camping or any other outdoor activities, then you should always ensure to carry the car air mattress with you. It is because whenever your children feel tired, you can easily provide them a comfortable and soft surface to sleep on. So, now if you feel that you should buy a car air mattress, then wait, there is a lot more that you need to know.

Actually, in the market, there are too many types of car air mattresses present that may seem a big confusion for an average person. In case if you don’t want to deal with those confusions, then this post will help you a lot to make a solid buying decision. It’s because here we have included ten best car air mattresses that you can buy right away. 

10 Best Car Air Mattress Reviews 


HAITRAL Portable Car Air Mattress

HAITRAL Portable Travel Camping Inflatable Air MattressLet’s start this post with a multi-purpose of the air mattress, and it is obvious that you can easily use this air mattress to sleep inside your car. Talking about the purposes, you can use this air mattress then the HAITRAIL manufacturers have already mentioned these purposes.

So, according to the HAIRTRAIL company, you can use this air mattress for camping, sleeping inside your car, in water pools, etc. The shape of this air mattress is quite impressive, and we are sure that you will be going to love this.

So, it comes with a bit and a smooth surface on the top, but on the bottom side, you will find two bulges. Basically, this shape seems perfect because it is easily going to fit on the rear seats of your car.

And when you flip the whole mattress, then you can use it for other purposes like camping, using inside the pool, or sitting somewhere, etc. Now let’s take a look at the material type and quality of this portable car air mattress.

The manufacturers claim that they have provided a good quality of PVC material to make it soft as well as durable. Both the upper and lower surfaces of this PVC built mattress are very smooth, and it won’t cause any irritating noise while in contact with the rear seats. 

  • At the one side of this mattress, you will find an upward rising shape, which actually ensures to avoid any drops, especially when your kids are sleeping on it.
  • The double valve design of this portable air mattress makes it very easy to inflate whenever you want. 
  • It can’t handle too much weight, so you need to use it accordingly. 


hikotor Air Mattress

hikotor Air MattressIf you want to convert your car’s rear seats into the air cushioning of the sofa or bed, then you should need to take a look at the next spot of the air mattress.

The hikotor manufacturers have produced the most advanced features of the mattress to use inside the cars, SUVs, MPVs, etc. The most liked thing about this car air mattress is that it comes with a separate cushioned structure.

This cushioned structure actually works as the holder for different items, where you can put your smartphone, water bottles, soda cans, etc. 

Some other accessories also come with this air mattress, such as the inflator, patch kit, storage bag, and a neck guard. You can use all these accessories to make your experience great with this particular car air mattress. 

  • The soft PVC material allows you to wash or clean this air mattress routinely with the wet wipes.
  • When you deflate this air mattress, then you will find out that it comes with a very easy to carry or store size. 
  • None so far


Zone Tech Inflatable Car Travel Air Mattress

Zone Tech Inflatable Car Travel Air Mattress Back SeatIf you are especially looking for an aggressively priced but well-built air mattress, then this can be a perfect fit for you. Zone Tech manufacturers have offered amazing quality of air mattresses with almost all the essential features.

First, let’s take a look at the shape and size portion of this mattress. Here you are getting the exact same but the slightly advanced type of shape as the first spot of the mattress.

But for more clarification, we want to tell you that it is a somewhat big size of air mattress that can be a perfect fit for the SUVs as well. 

Not only this, but the Zone Tech manufacturers have also included two inflatable pillows out of the box. In our opinion, this seems a complete package that can provide you quality sleep with its next level of comfortable design.

Another big reason behind its comfort and durability is the material that the Zone Tech company has offered here. Basically, this travel air mattress is built-up with the soft but durable PVC material that can easily provide you great comfort and quality sleep for many years.

The best part is that there is no rocket science to use this air mattress, you just have to pump up the air inside the mattress with the help of an inflator that comes out of the box. 

Pros & Cons

  • The construction is very durable in this mattress, but in case if it got punctured, then you can repair it with the help of a patch kit that comes with it.
  • The dimensions are 56 inches by 34 inches, which seems an ideal fit for the big size of cars and SUVs. 
  • If you have a smaller model of car, then you may face the fitting difficulties. 


Berocia SUV/Car Air Mattress

Berocia SUV Air Mattress, Thickened Car Bed Inflatable Home Air Mattress Portable Camping Outdoor Mattress,It is a personal preference of how much amount you want to spend to buy an air mattress. But if you are ready to invest a bit of extra money to buy the premium quality of car air mattress, then definitely look at this particular option.

The Berocia manufacturers have offered the superior build quality in this air mattress. In our view, this particular type of air mattress got everything that you can expect from a good or advanced car air mattress.

Firstly, it comes with a massive and more extended kind of size, where two adults can easily sleep on. The most liked thing about this mattress is that it comes with unwanted falling protection during sleep; for this here, the company has provided rising shapes on both sides of the air mattress. 

When you deflate this air mattress, then you will find out that it has a very thin and less room taking size. The company says that you can easily store or keep the collapsed air mattress inside your car or inside your car’s trunk.

The designers specifically focused on one most common problems that car owners usually face with air mattresses. And as a result, the designer built this air mattress to provide a bigger space; if your car has enough space, then it will be a perfect mattress to get a comfortable sleep. 

  • The upper surface of this air mattress is very smooth and comfortable, which will never give you the feeling that you are sleeping on an air bubble.
  • The box has included valves, inflator, the charger of the inflator, and the repair kit out of the box. 
  • Too much expensive than the other air mattress of this list.


WEY&FLY SUV/Car Air Mattress

WEY&FLY SUV Air Mattress Thickened and Double-Sided Flocking Travel MattressNext, we have another very similar size and feature of air mattresses like the previous spot of the car air mattress. This time we got the WEY&FLY SUV/Car Air Mattress for all the readers of this post.

Talking about the shape and design, then also here you will get the same air mattress as the previous one. But there are some very interesting features present about this mattress that we want to talk about.

First thing first, it got high-quality PVC material as the primary construction material. There are many advantages present of the PVC material in terms of an air mattress, but the one that we liked is temperature handling.

Sometimes it happens when the mattress starts to shrink in the winters; it occurs because the air begins to become cold and denser. But if you are going with this particular model of the car air mattress, then this is not going to be the case for you.

It’s because the PVC material can easily handle higher and lower temperatures without showing any issues. Talking about comfort, then we want to tell you that it comes with a more comfortable and seamless design with the middle dividing line. 

  • Wall thickness is also very impressive in this air mattress; actually, this is helpful to prevent unnecessary puncture, which happens by higher pressure or sharp things.
  • You can use this multi-purpose use of air mattresses in both indoor and outdoor conditions.
  • None so far


Car/SUV Air Mattress By CampBuddy

Heavy Duty Multi-functional Car SUV Inflatable Air MattressIf you like the special fitting design of the mattress for the cars, then you should also take a look at this one. This one again comes with two bulges on the bottom side of the mattress.

And these bulges actually help to support the mattress via contacting the car’s floor. This time on the sixth spot of this list, we have decided to put the Car/SUV Air Mattress By CampBuddy in front of you.

It comes with a remarkable and extended size, so if you are wondering for a big sized air mattress for your car, then it can be a good option under your budget. 

Talking about the features that this mattress comes with, then firstly, we want to discuss the lining which presents all across the body of this product. This lining actually helps to prevent the punctures, and it can easily control higher air pressure.

One more thing that you are going to notice with this mattress is that from the lining part, the surface of the mattress is actually dividing into two different shades. It’s because the upper surface of this mattress is more comfortable and smooth as compared to the bottom surface. 

  • According to the manufacturers, it is a very compatible option for medium-sized cars, the full size of SUVs and MPVs.
  • There are multiple inflating and deflating valves present on this mattress, which allow you to do these inflation and deflation processes easily and in a fast manner.
  • The material quality of this air mattress is decent or above average.


Haomaomao Car Air Mattress

Haomaomao Car Air Mattress If you are looking for a car air mattress with all the major features but you want it to buy under your budget. If this is the case, then you should need to take a look at this Haomaomao Car Air Mattress.

In our suggestion, this air mattress got every single but major feature that you can expect from a good option.

First of all, it’s another excellent example of multi-purpose uses of the air mattresses that you can easily use both indoor and outdoor activities.

At this particular price point, the Haomaomao manufacturers are offering the air pump, patch kit, and two inflatable air pillows out of the box. 

But the only thing to remember with this car air mattress is that you can’t use this for the mini cars and two-seater cars. However, this mattress shows higher compatibility with the standard size of cars, SUVs, and MPVs.

Talking about the design, then, here again, this is a supportive design with two bulges on the bottom side. Not only this, but this air mattress also comes with a pre-built structure on the top, which is very helpful to prevent any falling issues when you are sleeping on it. 

  • This Haomaomao car air mattress comes with a special kind of covering on the top, which actually makes it more comfortable as well as water-resistant.
  • The overall weight of this air mattress is quite low; it is only possible because of the high quality, durable, but lightweight PVC material. 
  • None so far


LARPlink Car Air Mattress

LARPlink Car Air MattressLARPlink manufacturers have offered a very easy to use a car air mattress. And if you are wondering about a mattress that should fit inside your car correctly, then this is the one that you were looking for.

LARPlink’s air mattress comes with a side dividing line, which actually allows you to fold this air mattress to get a perfect fit easily.

This feature is very helpful for people who have a small size of the car, but they want to enjoy the outdoor activity with a bigger size of the air mattress. The dimensions of this air mattress are 64 inches by 52 inches, and in our view, this seems a perfect fitting car mattress for medium-size cars, SUVs, and MPVs. 

Talking about the overall thickness after filling the air inside this mattress, then it becomes more than four inches thick. If you are looking for comfortable use of a car air mattress, then this four inches thick mattress can easily fulfill your needs.

You can also take it in use while sitting on the ground, slipping inside your outdoor camp, floating over the river, etc. It comes with a storage bag as well, which will help you to carry this air mattress with you without having issues like ripping off. 

  • High-quality PVC material with thin walls making it more lightweight, but it is still durable enough to handle a higher level of air pressure.
  • The valves of this mattress come with proper sealing and good quality of valve mechanism to prevent any leakages. 
  • None so far


LUCKUP Car Air Mattress

LUCKUP Car Air MattressOn the ninth spot of this list, we have decided to add another very impressive design and build quality of air mattress. LUCKUP air mattress has every single feature which a normal car owner requires from an air mattress.

First of all, inside the box, you will get six air cushioning or inflatable items out of the box. There are two air pillows that come with the mattress, and two supportive types of structures also present in the box.

Not only this, but the mattress also comes with the detachable design, which comes in two parts. However, this LUCKUP car air mattress also supports the child protection facility with the help of an inbuilt structure that presents on the top side of the mattress. 

Because all the major structures are detachable, you can easily use this air mattress for both outdoor and indoor activities. For using it for both outdoor and indoor activities, it should have a high quality of durable material.

Right? It is why the LUCKUP manufacturers have focused more on the material section of this mattress. And the manufacturers have provided the premium quality of PVC material. In our opinion, you won’t be going to complain about the durability of this car air mattress. 

  • The dimensions of this air mattress are 71.25 inches by 34.5 inches, which seems an excellent fit for taller persons.
  • Because of all the detachable portions of this air mattress, the compatibility goes on the next level; in short, you can use it inside any car you have. 
  • None so far


KKmoon Car Mattress Air

KKmoon Car Travel Inflatable MattressIt is necessary for you to keep an air mattress inside your car to make the inside environment of your car more comfortable to drive a long way.

If you are also looking for a car air mattress that should fit in any car model or SUVs, then you should give a try to this one.

Next, we have the KKmoon Car Mattress Air on the last spot of this list. It comes in the three different color varieties, which make it easy for you to choose a matching one according to your car’s interior. 

There is proper lining present all across the body of this mattress; this is helpful to prevent any type of leakage or puncture issues. Talking about the shape, then here you are getting a very similar-looking shape as the other mattress of this list.

The best thing about this type of design or shape that we like the most is that it provides excellent support to the overall body of the mattress. And there are almost zero chances present that this air mattress will collapse while you are sleeping on it. 

  • Two additional inflatable pillows make it very comfortable to use the type of air mattress inside your car.
  • The material type is the PVC, which can easily offer the next level of durability, and it is going to last longer than you think. 
  • It can cause irritating noise by getting contact with the surface of rear seats. 


How To Select The Best Car Air Mattress – Buying Guide

We know that most of the people make mistakes while choosing the right type of air mattress for their car. It is not the fault of a user to buy the worst car air mattress; instead, it only happens because of the multiple options present in the market. So, if you are also feeling surrounded by a ton of different confusions, then this in-detailed buying guide will help you to choose the best product according to your needs. 

  • Material Type:

While choosing the best car air mattress, you won’t be going to feel too much confusion regarding the material point. It’s because there are very few options present in terms of the body material of an air mattress. Some of the manufacturing companies and well-known brands are offering mixed polyester material for the mattresses. But in our suggestions, you should avoid buying the car air mattresses which come with polyester or other polymer material. 

Instead, you should always go with an option that actually offers the PVC material or TPU material. In our view, the PVC material can provide an excellent and durable experience to an average user as compared to the other material available in the market. 

  • Size:

Before making a purchase decision related to the air mattress for your car, you should always be clear about the size that you are going with. Suppose if you have purchased an air mattress with an extended or larger size, but then you come to know that it does not fit inside your car. In this situation, you can not properly use your desired car air mattress. 

So always keep your eye on the size section of an air mattress before making any purchase. Some other features, such as convertible and middle dividing lines can be very useful to use the air mattress inside the car. It’s because these features will allow you to fold or tilt the shape of the air mattress. 

  • Should Be Easy To Use:

If your desired car air mattress usually takes too long to set up and finally use, then you should replace it with an easy to use a mattress.  Believe it or not, but if your desired air mattress is not easy to use, then you have to put extra effort into the installation process. 

But the good thing is that in this post we have selected and included all the easy to use the type of air mattresses only. It means you can easily go with any option that we have listed above. 

  • Cost:

If your budget is not allowing you to go with a good quality of car air mattress, then you should avoid buying the premium air mattresses. Right? But this is not going to be the case with you because here on this list; we have added all the car air mattresses on different price points. And especially we have included some mattresses to give a versatile choice to people who are dealing with a strict budget. 



If you don’t want to scuff your fingers on your mobile’s screen for hours to get some suggestions related to the car air mattress, in this case, you should definitely need to read this whole post because this post was all about you. We are very confident here because here we have picked ten best car air mattresses after taking the experts to advise in this particular field. 

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