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Top 10 Best Backpack for Nursing School & MEDICAL STUDENTS [Reviews With Expert Guide]

The relation between backpacks and students is quite deep than we see. Only backpacks can save students by helping to carry all the essentials regarding studies and researches. Like others, students of medical and nursing disciplines need to have precise backpacks that they can take for hours without hustling a lot. They need something that can store heavy equipment and notebooks safely. Today, we have come intending to help nursing students in their study by ease the search for the best backpack for nursing school.

There are lots of debates about whether nursing students need some particular types of bags or not. Well, we think that nursing students or interns must get some individual facilities from their backpack. Out today’s discussion ensures the nursing students to get the desired options for several betterments with ease.

Why You Need to Buy the Best Backpack for Medical Schools and Nursing Institutions

The answer is to help nursing students study thoroughly. You can now ask specifically why you have to put some extra effort into finding the best backpack for nursing student nurses.

Well, it is familiar to all that studying nursing requires lots of practical sessions. Students need to go through courses like doing checkups or other cooperations with patients. For this, lots of tools and kits are required. It is hard to hold them in hand or carry them in any ordinary bags.

Besides, Nursing courses have fat and heavy notes or books. Students also need to bring a uniform, gloves, masks, and apron sometimes with them. Carrying all these stuff along with nursing kits in a usual compact college bag is next to impossible.

A nursing school student can study and score better only when he or she gets to carry all the necessary things to attend classes and sessions quite quickly. That is why we think not every type of bag can help nursing or medical students. Their requirements are a bit exceptional from other students.

What are the Best Backpacks for Nursing Discipline

To make things easily understandable for you, Let us describe it in easy words. The best option for nursing interns and students is something light with a pleasing weight capacity. With that, the backpack should remain comfortable despite carrying too much weight. Along, there should be enough spacing in the compartments of the bag to let a student take all the stuff for classes without hustling. These three facts are the main thing that can make a backpack eligible for students studying nursing.

5 Best Backpack for Nursing School in 2020

Here are some preferable mentions that we find better than other brands and models after comparing and testing. Besides, we have judged some of the famous reviewers’ opinions to make a final list and present it in our today’s discussion.

Big Student Backpack from JanSport; Our Top Pick

JanSport Big Student BackpackMany people consider this the best backpack for nursing schools. This product can be bought for several purposes without any hesitation.

The capacity of this backpack is more than 34 litres. So, the construction gives you the freedom of carrying anything inside it.
This bag has zippered closures.

These metal zippers are quite smooth and fast. You get to see a fabric part attached to every zipper for using the closure easily.
The backpack is pretty roomy inside.

There are five zippered compartments and pockets that let you organize your gears and necessary stuff without worries.

The shoulder straps are padded and wide enough to cooperate with your shoulders. The curvy shape of straps doesn’t let the construction put extra pressure on your shoulder.

  • The backpack has the right dimension to carry a laptop along with some other stuff inside.
  • This backpack has pure polyester construction for durability.
  • There are two large mesh pockets on the sides for carrying bottles.
  • The stitching is quite keen to go through harsh situations for years.
  • There are two large compartments and three small compartments to let you organize your essentials.
  • The polyester fabric is not soft enough.

High Sierra’s Swerve Laptop Backpack

High Sierra Swerve Laptop BackpackBecause of the latest polyethene construction, it has caught our eyes. The backpack is perfect for carrying electronic gears.

But you can use it as a student to send your books and other equipment.

This backpack helps to protect your expensive gears as the internal chambers have thick and protective partitions.

The capacity is quite pleasing, and it has made us add this in our list. But surprisingly the size is not too large.

The internal space is enough to store your books and accessories even after placing the laptop or tablet.


  • It is the best option to carry electronics because of the protective layers inside.
  • The bag has smooth zippered closures that last longer without getting broken.
  • The backpack’s total capacity is more than 36 litres.
  • The side straps can help you to make the inner space tight or smooth.
  • The stitching holding zippers can fail within a few months.

TSA Friendly SA1923 Black backpack by Swiss Gear

Swiss Gear SA1923 Black TSA Friendly ScanSmart Laptop Backpack The SA 1923 is famous among users because it lets them store their accessories in an organized way. The product also has some latest friendly features that help students to attend their classes with all the things they need.

Young people usually carry small gadgets and gears in their pockets. But this backpack has some separate small pockets to hold your electronics.

Shoulder straps help you travel anywhere with this backpack without getting any pain. The padding makes the straps soft and breathable.

The back of this product also has thin padding similar to the straps. So, you can expect this product to wick a bit of moisture from your body.

  • The strong polyester fabric can handle several damages without causing any trouble to the essentials inside.
  • The backpack also features small pockets for gears that you usually keep inside dress pockets.
  • Both back and shoulder straps feature the necessary airflow.
  • You get the opportunity to organize your stuff inside because of more than the usual number of pockets.
  • The side straps to hold the shape is missing from the construction, but they are mandatory for a backpack that has so many pockets.

Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack

Herschel Pop Quiz BackpackIt is quite different than other nursing school backpacks. It is small in size, features less weight capacity, and doesn’t have large compartments.

The pleasing part is the product can behave protectively with anything you keep inside.

The fabric outside might be soft but helps to cover your expensive items in most conditions.

A pocket inside has the holding system that keeps your small stuff as keys and goggles hung inside.

And you can carry a laptop around 15 inches inside the main compartment.


  • The backpack has a classical design that suits most places.
  • Though the size is small, it features 22 litres of capacity.
  • The fabric doesn’t attract too much dirt and stays smooth for a long time.
  • The zipper covers can stop moisture from going inside.
  • The stitching is pretty weak. It can fail when you put some extra pressure even for a while.

MATEIN Wheeled Backpack

Matein Waterproof College Wheeled Travel BackpackLike an ideal students’ backpack, it also works for many years like a new one. The extraordinary thing about this backpack is the wheeled construction.

According to my research, wheeled bags are a better choice for those who study medicine or nursing discipline.

Wheeled construction lets you carry the bag without putting pressure on any of your body parts.

As the product goes very of the ground, the manufacturer has an integrated waterproofing system at the bottom.

The precise bottom can also keep your belongings steady inside while you are pulling this bag over the ground.


  • You can find four primary compartments from the outside.
  • You can carry giant gears like laptops, assignment books, etc. without any issues.
  • The steel zippered system stays smooth for years without greasing or anything.
  • The product can be too heavy for some people.

Buying Guide of the Best Backpack for Nursing Schools

A buying guide for any type of bag is not a small thing at all. You need to know several critical considerations for finding the right one among thousands of options from local and online shops. Let’s head towards the buying guide without any further delay.

  • Design

Students’ backpacks should look stylish and trendy. Some catchy colour patterns of the backpack can put positive impacts on your personality and outlook.

The design should be both handy and beautiful. A backpack should feature all the necessary facilities along with an excellent shape that can go well with the young generation of the society.
But for many people, good design is not a mandatory thing. So, I suggest skipping this term if you are not conscious of being attractive in front of others.

  • Size of the Straps

As we are talking about backpacks, so you need concern about the straps a lot. If straps don’t come with enough width, they may fail shortly and start to hurt your shoulder. Even sometimes, cheap straps can get separated from the main construction if you try to load the bag with heavy stuff.

Because of this, backpacks with wider and longer straps are ideal. Such straps can fit on any body posture without any hustles. Also, longer straps help to manage the right length according to your body.

  • Waist Belts

Usually, backpacks come with a pair of straps that shifts most of the pressure on your shoulders. When your shoulder gets pressurized a lot, you can find the backpack painful.

That is why experts advise buying something that has waist and chest belts. These velcro system belts ensure a balanced distribution of the backpack’s weight and reduce pressure from your shoulder.

  • Padding or Mesh Supports

Padding or mesh layer with the back and straps ease your movement with lots of stuff inside the backpack. Usually, budget bags don’t come with such a handy feature. For the sake of your comfort, you should invest in padding.

Besides the comfort, the padding also wicks away moisture from your back and shoulder. You can stay dry despite carrying a large bag when it has good foam or mesh layer that is pretty breathable. Many of the students attend class from home.

They can sweat because of long journeys. To keep their clothes dry and make them comfortable added soft and breathable layer ensures proper airflow and adaptability with body posture.

  • Extra Handles

I think handles are not necessary for the construction of the backpack. But if you want to have a semi rolling crate for nursing school or a usual bag to carry with hands, focusing on handles becomes a must.

Sometimes, backpacks also feature a handle as a secondary carrying system. You can carry a bag using your hand when the handle is thick, large, and precisely attached to the main construction of the bag.

You need to make sure the handle of the bag can’t hurt your palm and fingers while holding the bag for quite a long time. Even the attachment of the handles should be able to pull the whole weight of your stuff without any issues.

  • Materials

The fabric is the primary fact to consider when you are looking for a backpack. The structure of the backpack ensures the major part of the durability. And the lighter fabrics make products lighter and easy to carry.

We all know that how much vital lightweight backpacks can be for students as they already carry too much weight of their study material in the backpack. So, light material doesn’t make the backpack a burden.

The material should ensure a good range of weight capacity. Also, the finishing should be smooth. Not to forget, the thick fabric can stay well even when you are storing any sharp or edgy object inside compartments.

  • Weight

Like I have mentioned in the previous fact, your backpack should weigh less than other backpacks if you are a medical or nursing student. Your backpack’s straps, fabric, paddings, closures, velcros, pockets, etc. should not be heavy.

But here is a catch. Sometimes, lightweight products become less performing for any purpose. That is why you should try to buy a semi-light backpack that is not too heavy but comfortable to carry.

  • Compartments and Pockets

There is no ideal number of pockets and compartments for a college backpack. Here, the main thing matters are the space your backpack can produce. Large spacing leads you to carry every of your study essentials in the roomy interior. Such a situation eliminates the possibility of collisions between your stuff.

However, lots of partitions and pocketing lead you to a good organization of your books and study elements. It also lets you find your stuff quite easily from the inside of the backpack.

  • Closure System

The zippered closure is the only type that experts suggest. Wide zippered compartments are easy to use. Such closures can also give you quality and smooth service for consecutive years. But you need to make sure which type of zippers you need.

Metal zippers are durable but have the possibility of getting rusty. On the other hand, plastic zippers are smooth but not as durable and precise as metal ones. My opinion always supports the metal ones.

  • Weather Resistance

It is important to get a backpack that can keep your belongings in good shape inside, even in the worst weather conditions. The backpack construction should at least stop moisture from going inside of the compartments somehow. Durable and robust weather resisting feature is needed for the best of your essentials and books.

  • Stitching

The stitching is as vital as the fabric quality of the backpack. Stitching quality directly puts an impact on the durability and compatibility of the backpack. Stiff stitching holds every part strongly with each other for several years despite having continuous pressures.

  • Warranty

Most of the time, famous brands give almost two years of warranty with any model of backpacks. You are lucky if you get three or four years of warranty with a college backpack.


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Final Words:

As you can see, JanSport’s Big Student is the handiest and reasonable product you can find according to the latest research. But you can also consider the other four options worth buying. So, it is up to you which type of bag you want to purchase.

If you’re going to look for anything apart from our top 5 Best Backpack for Nursing School, you can do so with the help of the guide we have presented. You only need to focus on buying the right one for you rather than the most popular one.

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