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Makita 32cc Chainsaw Review For The Money

Whenever you need to cut through a few tough and hardwood, it’s vital to employ a systematic & powerful chainsaw. We understand how difficult and boring to find out the ideal chainsaw to satisfy all your needs, within your budget.

There are particular specialties & features which you will have to consider before investing in a chainsaw, particularly if you’re a complete novice in the area. Questions such as — for what purpose you may need? which dimensions or size will meet your requirements? Mode of electricity: do you want petrol or battery?

 This entire range of questions might make you puzzled and confused. But now you need not worry at all, we have got the right solution up to our sleeves for all your queries. 

Among the thousands of options that you will get in the market, we present to you the best of the lot- Makita EA3201S35B- Chainsaw.  Makita is a very trusted brand, and this product from such a reputed brand is nothing but the best. 

 Read on our Makita 32cc Chainsaw Review to find the answers to all your questions regarding the features, product specifications, and the reviews of this wonder-tool that makes cutting wood an easy affair. 


Makita EA3201S35B

Makita 32cc Chainsaw Review:[2020]

Features & Specialities:

  • The first and the foremost thing that will grab your attention with this Makita chainsaw is its eco-friendliness. 
  • The Makita chainsaw EA3201S35B is a combination of high power and appropriate weight that makes the appliance easy to use. 
  • You can use it at stress for a long period of time, and that’s why it has been a favorite one among land and homeowners.
  • The fuel tank has a capacity of 0.4 litters which is large enough to work for the whole day long.
  • Both the oil and fuel tanks come with the openings that are designed in the S-shape, making it easier for a user to operate.
  • The chainsaw also comes with a primer pump for cold and easy storage. 
  • The advanced dampening mechanism of this chainsaw proves helpful as the vibrations are in control and effectively reduced. 
  • The chainsaw is designed in such a way that when it is turned on, the vibration and sound do not burst a hole in your ear or make you deaf. 
  • At the back of the product, there is a handle (rear handle) that has markings on it in ‘Cm’. This simplifies your work as there is no need for a scale or ruler to mark the length of the wood that you want to cut. 
  • You’ll find it easy to clean and maintain the chain compartment. 
  • The bar used for striking is wide enough as the productivity of the chainsaw gets increased further.
  • This sturdy chainsaw has an adjustable oil pump and an auto chain oiler
  • If there is a sudden fall in temperature in your area, you do not need to worry at all because of its cold-starting features for operating better in cold weather. 


Some pros and cons of Makita Chainsaw EA3201S35B                     

  • It has an additional advantage of tool-less chain tensioning that helps in adjusting the chain easily and is a more convenient option.
  • The chainsaw is compact, highly durable, and works wonders in speedy chopping off the wood.
  • The product is engineered with an easy-start option
  • With just a touch and stop single-lever facility, you can shut off the engine instant.
  • The large and efficiently crafted metal spike bar is highly productive.
  • The mechanical chain brake has extra durability due to a two-point inertia mechanism.
  • Fitting the bar and chain is quite tricky sometimes.
  • Starting the chainsaw seems a bit difficult for some users.

Buying Guide:

Expert reviews:

The majority of buyers have found the product extremely useful and handy. The design, material, and features have become a hit among all the users. 

The first compliment that a buyer has given is the fact that the Makita Chainsaw EA3201S35B is cost-effective. For such a powerful chainsaw the price is obviously budget-friendly to all. Unlike all the other products of similar range from different brands, this one tops the list.

The chainsaw is easy to work with, and the past buyers are highly impressed by the power it generates and the torque it uses. According to them, the feature speeds up the work and allow them to precise cut. 

However, few buyers have complained about the difficulty in setting up the power-tool and starting it. 

But the manufacturers have paid heed to this drawback and provided a manual, easy enough for everyone to follow and understand.


Advantages Guide of Makita Chainsaw EA3201S35B

  • Powerful & Efficient Chainsaw:

With large fuel capacity and high power, the Makita EA3201S35B chainsaw is perfect for cutting wood efficiently in a short span of time. The oil pump is adjustable that does not require constant revision and the motor power is also commendable enough to let to precise log cut.

  • Quality Chainsaw:

The chainsaw has a high spring-assisted recoil starting feature, and the product is equipped with an intelligent coil system that leads to increased power, with the risk of the over-running the engine reduced. The fleece air-filter provides high resistance from all the dust and filth. Even more, it also has a dual-mass Vibration dampening technology that decreases your stress while you are doing work with the chainsaw.

  • Easy To Operate:

Makita EA3201S35B chainsaw comes with automatic full-throttle switch-lock with the on-off combination. You’ll find a tool-less chain for better rendition than other old models. Further, It’s very easy to use and store as it fits even in confined, tight spaces. 

  • Unique design:

This Makita chainsaw has a modern touch. It is lightweight, and the design is compact. It has all the qualities and features that make working simpler and hassle-free.

  • Safe and secure:

The brand has paid extra importance to the safety of its users. So this chainsaw will reduce your worry even further due to the presence of Makita safety-chic chain brake system. 

  • Simplified maintenance:

The compartments are easy to remove one piece after another, hence cleaning becomes easier and stress-free.


Disadvantages Guide of Makita Chainsaw

  • Like almost all other chainsaws, starting could be sometime tricky, especially for the novices. But that’s not a big deal at all. 
  •  The chain adjusting screw can be problematic sometimes. Though this is not the case for all products, few faulty ones can have such a glitch. 
  •  The primer bubble is of little to no use; hence Makita should provide a choke instead.
  •  The product does not come with any product case; hence you will have to spend some extra cash on buying one separately.


About the Product Brand:      

Makita Corporation is a Japanese brand that was established in 1915 and is one of the leading electric motor sales companies. It has seven other manufacturing units.

Makita has spread its wings in many countries all over the world, and its popularity in India has grown in leaps and bound with the help of the company’s impeccable distribution and marketing networks. 

Makita Power Tools Pvt Ltd. It is a renowned global brand that made its mark in India in the year 2008, and it is a subsidiary Makita Corporation that owns it completely. 

The company designs power tools that are specialized for wood-workings as well as construction purposes. The excellent design and research team is the main reason behind the unmatched, supreme, and reliable tool quality. 

Thus, the clients trust all their products immensely due to their credibility, product quality and consistency. 


Our Suggestion

makita chainsaw 32ccThroughout the Makita 32cc Chainsaw Review, you must’ve learned that this Makita EA3201S35B chainsaw is a one-stop solution to all your problems.

This is a powerful tool that cuts into thick and sturdy wood in a jiffy without much force.

Often regarded as an entry-class product, Makita 32 cc chainsaw boasts of a catalytic converter and the designing scores maximum points in guarantying anti-vibration feature.

If you are looking for a chainsaw that is easy to use, then look nowhere else. From the reviews by experts, you will understand the tool-less chain tensioning makes operation simpler and hence they all appreciate the chainsaw for this. 

Besides this Makita chainsaw is equipped with safety features, unlike most chainsaws, making it a clear winner. 

The other exceptional features like the smart ignition coil, light-weightiness, high engine power, larger oil capacity, and graded rear bar handle make the product a must-try for people who still don’t have it. 

We have listed above the complete product features, specifications, and customer reviews in details. You can go through all of those thoroughly as this will help you to understand both the advantages and disadvantages of the machine before you invest your money. 

Hope you have a happy time shopping!

{ Read on our Makita 32cc Chainsaw Review to know the detail insights of Makita EA3201S35B along with all the features, pros and cons etc. }

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