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The Best Space Heater For Large Room Reviews in 2020 [Experts Complete Guide]

Do you have a cold apartment? You have done everything, but the living-place just gets colder and colder? Are you now tired of just pilling up blankets?

Getting up in the morning is just always a pain in the neck? Well, not anymore! We present to you, The best space heater for large room.

Space heaters can save you from the cold temperature and keep your apartment warm and cozy. They are converting the wintry theme of your residence into a nice comfortable ambiance. But you may be wondering what space is a heater.

Well, a space heater is a small heater that is mostly portable and can be used in any place and any room. Space heaters operate on electricity, but some space heater can also use propane or natural gas as their power source.

These heaters can be mainly divided into two categories.

  • Combustion Space Heaters

Combustion space heaters are those that use flammable fuel to generate heat. Their working mechanism different from Electric space heater and are more hazardous than electric due to the toxic fumes that cause carbon monoxide poising. Still, if used with precaution, they can be more efficient. If you plan to have a combustion space heater, use it in a ventilated area and shut the heater off when no one is around. Read the guidelines in detail below the article.

  • Electric Space Heaters

An electric space heater, on the other hand, uses different technologies to generate heat. They do not emit harmful gases, but they may consume more electricity, and if the power supply is low, they may not work correctly. Electric space heater also has a safety switch that can turn off the space heater in case of a dangerous situation.

While both categories have their advantages and disadvantages, they protect from the chilling cold winters. You just need to be careful while using space heaters, and nothing will ever happen. We have explained the safety measures below. Read them beforehand and make sure you follow each of them.

Space heaters can be of different sizes and have a lot of variety, which is nice, but if you want one for your apartment, you need to choose the best available. Therefore, we are here to help you pick the best space heaters for your apartment.

We have gathered a list of best space heaters for apartments that do their job efficiently of keeping you and your apartment warm. These space heaters vary from size, heat output, power source, and design.

Top 6 Best Space Heater For Large Room

Mr. Heater Corporation F299721 Heater, One Size, White and Black

Mr. Heater Corporation F299721 HeaterMr. Heater Corporation is the pioneer in radiant heat and infrared combustion technology. Established since 1957, introduce the product F299721 Heater 2016 and is still the best-selling space heater.

It uses Natural Gas as its power source and produces 20,000 BTUs of heat. Available in only one color combination, black with a contrast of white.

Due to the incredible heat output, it can heat an area of 700 sq. Ft. Keeps your apartment nice and warm, plus the blue flame burner is used to heat the air using the convection heating method (The circulation of air transfers heat).

It also has some great safety features such as a Thermostat for controlling the temperature and CSA certified Automatic Oxygen Depletion System (ODS) that automatically turns off the heater if the oxygen level is below 18% and many more. The product can be mounted on the wall or used with the legs provided to keep it portable. The Gas appliance kit is not included in the package but can be bought from here.

Because it runs on Natural gas, it means you do not have to use electricity to keep yourself warm. If you have a cottage or you need to take the heater to a remote area where the electricity conditions are unknown, this product can be a high helping hand in fighting the freezing temperature.

The electric ignition makes it easy to burn or eliminate the fire, and the clean burner burns the blue flames that circulate the warm air in the apartment. If your residence is large, you may need a blower that blows the hot air into the air and help increase the circulation of air in your apartment.

You can buy the best compatible air blower for Mr. Heater F299721 Heater here:

The design for the product is simple yet attractive. If you want to gift your children the best gift for their new home or want to help a friend that cannot afford a heater in his apartment, this is a great product to choose from. At a very affordable price, Mr. Heat Corporation also provides 1 Year Warranty, the product is designed for extended-lasting use and will stay with you for many years.

  • Installation Guide:

While installing the Mr. Heater F299721 space heater, please keep the following things in your

  • consideration: –
    1. Do not install the space heater in the bedroom or bathroom.
    2. The heater needs to be installed in a well-ventilated area, or the oxygen is not
    3. compromised. If the oxygen level is below the actual, the heater may stop working.
    4. The heater must not be installed where the dust is most often present.
    5. Do not install near the curtain, carpet, or any other flammable material.
  • Let’s start with the installation of the product: –
    1. Find a location with fresh air to install the heater in your apartment.
    2. If there is less access to fresh air, use ventilation grills to capture more fresh air.
    3. The heater has a wall-mount option, but it can also be attached to the legs provided.
  • Complete the following list of items required to mount the heater in a wall: –
    1. Piping against the local codes for the heater.
    2. Sealant
    3. Equipment shutoff valve
    4. Ground joint union
    5. Test gauge connection
    6. Sediment trap
    7. Tee joint
    8. Pipe wrench

If you want to mount the heater to a wall, use a wooden piece as heater flooring and follow the instruction below: –

  • Mount the mount bracket to the wall studs with the help of screws.
  • Place the heater on the wall mount and slide the horizontal slots onto stand-out tabs on the mounting bracket.
  • Fix the wood flooring into the wall below the heater such that the heater sits on the wood flooring.
  • Connect the heater with the gas supply and turn on the heater.
  • Check for any leakage and fix them.

Overall, this is a great product to have in your apartment, and it will safeguard you in chilling days of winter. The design is impressive, and the product capabilities are also appreciable. This can be a great addition to your apartment and you are going to love it.


Lost River Natural Gas Ventless Infrared Radiant Plaque Heater-10,000, Model# LR1TIR-NG, 10,000 BTU, White

Lost River Natural Gas Ventless Infrared Radiant Plaque HeaterThe USA assembled Lost River Natural Gas Ventless Space heater is the most compact size heater that provides the maximum heat output.

The product produces 30,000 BTUs of heat that can cover an area up to 1400 sq. Ft. Best for your apartment, and It is available in both propane and natural gas variants.

The product is vent-free, meaning it doesn’t require fresh air and outside ventilation grills or ducts to work correctly. It is very energy-saving and has 99% efficiency.

It uses the latest infrared burner that burns the ceramic plaque with more heat—providing extra warmth to warm your apartment.

It doesn’t even need an air circulation fan to circulate the temperature in the room. Lost River Ventless Space heater features the latest 5 Heat Settings that can be adjusted by the Thermostat.

When the heat setting is achieved, the Thermostat automatically shuts off the burner to save more on fuel. It also has the best in the market, the push-button piezo pilot with an oxygen depletion sensor, that detects the oxygen level and turns off the heater if it is below the required standard.

The product has the best compact design and is recommended for apartments because of its dynamics. It has a one-year warranty also the product is the USA assembled, so the quality is also out-class.
Make the best choice by selecting the Lost River Ventless Space heater and spend your winters in the most comfortable ambiance ever. No need to freeze yourself in the coldest nights. Now you can come out of your blankets and make the time productive.

If you want to gift a heater to your loved ones, this is the one and The best thing that will help them in the chilling cold days. It warms up the apartment quickly and keeps everyone motivated and productive.

  • Compact size
  • High Heat Output
  • Thermostat Control
  • Piezo Pilot with ODS (Oxygen Depletion System)
  • High Quality
  • Only wall mount
  • High chances of carbon monoxide poising if ODS stops working


Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Space Heater with Remote Control – Features Built-in Timer and Oscillation, Gray 751320

Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Space HeaterLasko 751320 Tower Space Heater has all the benefits of a combustion heater because of its fantastic heat output, yet the heater is electric, meaning safe and comfortable warming all around the winters.

Being electric, the heater won’t emit any dangerous gases like carbon monoxide, and you don’t need to clean the heater from debris, just plug it into a wall socket and enjoy the heat in your apartment.

Electric heaters have many advantages over the standard combustion heaters, but they require electrical power to operate.

However, these heaters have a sleek design as you can see the Lasko 751320 has a smooth body with a Ceramic Tower structure, that keeps the observer pleased with its fascinating looks.

It isn’t just about the style, though; the space heater produces a fantastic 1500 Watts of soothing warmth. You are keeping your apartment in the best possible ambiance an creating a very productive environment.

Have the most amazing winters you can wish the super sleek and durable Lasko 751320 Tower Space Heater.

The product also features some fantastic safety features and the latest technology in the space heater section. It features an automatic overheat sensor that detects if the heater is overheating and shuts it off immediately. Still, even if the heater is over-heating, the design doesn’t allow the heater exterior to heat, and you can again touch or move the heater if needed.

It also features a wireless control remote from which you can operate your space heater from anywhere in your apartment.

The remote has six buttons that perform various functions.

  • You can turn the heater on/off with the press of a button using the wireless remote.
  • You can set the time for the heater to heat the apartment.
  • You can set the heat setting to high or low.
  • You can increase or decrease the temperature from the remote controller.

Because the design is sleek and tall, the heater’s ceramic element is more extended with widespread oscillations. It produces 1500 watts of heat, which allows the heater to heat the apartment efficiently. If needed, you can buy a compatible air circulator fan from here.

The unit also has a control panel that allows you to do the same things as you can perform with the remote. It also has LED lights that make it easy for the user to see on which settings the heater is operating. When it arrives, the unit is fully assembled, just remove the unit from the carton and enjoy the heater in your apartment.

  • Quick Heat
  • Remote Control
  • Multiple Temperature Settings
  • 1500 Watts of Heat
  • Sleek Design
  • Portable
  • The ceramic heating unit may be hot for the plastic, and it may burn if used on Max Setting
  • Consumes electricity more
  • It needs to be unplugged when not in use for better performance.


Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater, WIFI Wall Mounted

Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared HeaterEnerywise Solutions introduced the Heat Storm series of a space heater in 2012 that uses the latest infrared technology and is more advanced than most competitors.

Their heaters have safety features, the newest technology, and some great looking design.

The heater described below is the best in the line, HS-1500-PHX-Wifi Wall Mounted Infrared Heater, that has a great looking design and is packed with the latest features such as a mobile app that controls the device over a WIFI connection, how cool is that

The product makes heating as easy as dialing a phone call, use the app to operate the unit, and heat your apartment with just a touch! It can be compatible with Google Home, and it produces an incredible 1500 watts of warmth that covers an area up to 500 sq. Ft.

Best heater if you have a small apartment. Saves your space because it is mounted on a wall. The heater is safe to install over an outlet, and the unit doesn’t get hot and is safe to touch, which is an excellent thing if you have kids or pets in your home.

The product features excellent safety features, too; the unit will auto shut off when the desired temperature is achieved and auto-start when the temperature is below the pre-set temperature. The latest infrared technology allows it to warm, not just the air, but the heat also reaches the objects, meaning the best transfer of heat with excellent efficiency.

Connecting the device is also simple; just download the SMART LIFE mobile app first then follow the instructions below: –

  • When finished mounting your heater, switch the heater on.
  • Press the temperature up or down button on the control panel for 5 seconds to turn on the
  • WIFI; the WIFI light will turn blue and start blinking.
  • Connect your phone to the WIFI Hotspot and start your mobile app, and go to ADD DEVICE
    Select the Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX Device
  • Check the rapid indicator blinking on your phone.
  • Enter password and press confirm, the device connected to your phone via WIFI, and now you can operate it Wirelessly.

The product is a must for your apartment, such a stylish product with great functionalities don’t come often. The product is a marvel for its tools and technology and has the most capable and durable structure. Overall, the product has everything needed for your apartment. Keeps you and your family warm during winters.

  • Wireless connection via the app.
  • Sleek design
  • Latest infrared technology that heats objects.
  • Structures don’t get overheated.
  • Auto Shut off system
  • This specific unit is not portable.
  • No remote control available, only mobile apps available to use wirelessly.
  • Costly


Stiebel Eltron 074057 240-Volt 2000-Watts Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater.

Stiebel Eltron 074057 240-Volt 2000-Watts Wall Mounted Electric Fan HeaterIs your apartment considerably large in space, and you need a heater with the maximum heat output for your residence?

You do not need a space-consuming heater, and then here it is, The Stiebel Eltron 074057 Wall Mounted Electric Space heater.

And believe me, it just doesn’t get looks, with a fantastic design it also produces 2000 watts of heat and has built-in air circulation to increase the heated airflow.

Warming up your apartment in just a short time and making you and your environment productive. The product has three years of warranty and needs to be installed with technical expertise, so it is better to call licensed personnel to do the task.

The product covers up to 700 sq Ft. with its amazing air circulation technology and Nichrome Wire heating element, which resists oxidation and has high heating capacity.

The gleaming product design is just one factor that makes it so impressive, the product is packed with the latest technology and has the highest demand is this section. It features even-heating that takes fresh air from the top, passes it through the heating unit and converts it into warm air and pushes it out evenly in all directions using the air circulation fan.

It also has a built-in Thermostat, which is used to adjust the temperature. The Thermostat makes it easy to set the temperature at your desired level. The Thermostat is packed with a booster timer that gives maximum heat for a specific amount of time and warms the room. When the time is reached, it automatically shuts off, so you can enjoy the warmness without paying high bills.

It is also really silent, it just produces a sound of 49.7 dBs while operating, the unit is to be wall-mounted about 10″ above the ground, because the air circulating fan is placed at the bottom of the unit, so it needs to be placed high. The design of this product even allows heat to dissipate into the ground and eliminates coldness from floors.

The unit is to be connected to a 240-volt 7.5 Amps Circuit breaker, and it should be adjusted appropriately. Please refer to an expert for the installation of the product.

  • Sleek and durable design
  • Auto Shut off Thermostat
  • Nichrome Wire Heating Element
  • Air Circulating Fan
  • Easy Heat dissipating layout
  • Professional Expertise Required While Installation
  • Only Wall-mount version available
  • Curtains, carpets, etc. should be kept away from the unit.


Stadler Form w Technology-Black Paul Heater (Adaptive Heat)

Stadler Form w Technology-Black Paul HeaterThe Stadler Paul is one of the most efficient space heaters in the list because it isn’t just a functional space heater, it can also be used as a fan and throws fresh air out in summers.

He is making it useful in both seasons. It has the latest Adaptive heat technology, which allows Stadler Paul to maximum heat output by delivering a steady temperature. It doesn’t need to trip off and run again to maintain the temperature.

The Adaptive Heat Technology allows Stadler Paul to run effortlessly, while not disturbing you even a single bit. Its noiseless nature and striking design are the most prominent features.

Manufactured by Swiss engineers and rigorously testing individual units before reaching to end-user makes Stadler Paul, one of the most reliable space heater ever. Every part is handpicked and has a long-lasting span.

It also has a touch panel and a wireless remote controller that allows users to operate Stadler Paul from anywhere in the apartment. It also has an auto mode, adjustable heat output settings, swing mode, and is IP 21 approved, which means it can be used in a place with a wet environment.

This excellent product has almost all the features needed for excellent space heater and saver. It is available in two colors, White and Black, both look amazing. The product is easy to use and easy to clean and has washable air filters.

  • Sleek Design with Two Colors Available
  • IP 21 Water-Resistant
  • Noiseless
  • Air circulation fan needed.
  • Must be kept away from specific items such as curtains etc.

Safety Measures of best space heater for large room

To significantly reduce the risk of space heater malfunctioning, whether it be Combustion space heaters or Electric space heater, these guidelines will help you safely use your space heater. They will increase the lifespan of your space heater.

Make sure you follow the instructions and have safe and warm winters.

Combustion Space Heaters Safety Guidelines: –

Leaving space heaters overnight can be dangerous, make sure you have the space heater with the auto thermostat or shut down the heater, once your room is warm enough.

Combustion Space heaters have more chance of catching fire, make sure you store them in a place away from curtains or any flammable item. Also, keep a small fire extinguishing kit with you.
The tank/fuel needed for combustion space heaters must be checked regularly, and if there seems any leakage, it should be fixed immediately.

The heater must be placed on a wooden surface, and the wood quality should not be compromised.
Combustion space heater produces carbon monoxide poising, which is dangerous, so it must be used with extra care.

Pets and infants must not be left alone with a space heater in the house, even if it isn’t used. It should be adequately covered.

Electric Space Heater Safety Guidelines: –

  • Electric space heaters must be placed as per standard guidelines to work correctly.
  • They must be attached to a wall socket, do not use any extension cord to power them.
  • Check connections regularly, if the links seem loose, immediately replace it.
  • Pets and infants should not be left alone with a space heater.
  • Never place electric space heaters near water, unless they are water-resistant.
  • Installation should be done correctly.
  • A space heater should not be covered while in use. Keep looking for any smoke or odor when the space heater is running.
  • Always try to keep them clean for better performance.

Follow the instructions on the manual properly and check all warnings and labels.

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