Best Drip Coffee Maker

Best Drip Coffee Maker [2020] Ultimate Review & Buying guide

Morning needs a superb routine for starting the day with full energy. Wake up, get out of bed, dress-up, and grab a sturdy morning coffee mug. As most of us start our day with a refreshing and aromatic drink that blows your mind and eyes. Nothing beats the freshly brewed home-made drink, so you don’t have to run to the store to buy high-quality coffee. Want to drink a good glass? Then it would be best if you had great facilities right in front of you that allow you to prepare an aromatic cup of joe without leaving the place.

Everyone is different, and of course, with a different waking system in the morning. To find the right coffee maker, you’ve to discover your needs and how much effort you want to put into brewing your brew. It’s obvious to have a coffee lover in each home, having a great drip-coffee machine in the kitchen allows coffee lovers to get barista level coffee at home. To help make your choice more accessible, we have come up with a drip coffee product that values your money. 

And as you know, other types of coffee machines take lots of space in the kitchen, and they are a bit expensive as comper to drip makers. It is more compact, useful, easy to access, and helps you to save the space without missing any feature of your kitchen. 

Most Popular Drip Coffee Maker Brand 

  • Bonavita
  • Breville 
  • Cuisinart
  • Hamilton Beach
  • KitchenAid
  • Mr. Coffee
  • Ninja 
  • OXO 
  • Technivorm Moccamaster

We’ve prepared a list of Best Drip Coffee Makers based on Customer Reviews and our Market Research. We highly recommend you to read our buying guide located towards the bottom of this post. Grab your seats and make the right choice for your kitchen in your budget.

10 Best Drip Coffee Maker 2020

OXO Brew 9 Cup Coffee Maker

OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee MakerIf you have done so with drinking the same terrible coffee every day to survive, then OXO Brew is the right choice for you. It gives you all the control over brew time, water temp, and volume for making or breaking a pot of coffee.

It gives you a first-class flavor of coffee with optimal temp points (197.6-204.8 degrees Fahrenheit). However, this coffee maker is powered by a microprocessor-controlled brew cycle with a computing system that offers the same volume of coffee in the same amount of time with fuller extraction. 

It comes with a LED interface feature with a backlit screen displaying the status and freshness indicator of the coffee maker. You can use the single selector dialer, with twisting the dialer anti-clockwise make smaller groups of 2 to 4 cups.

Whereas, in the clockwise direction, you get a regular 5 to 9 cups of coffee. It’s easy as that. You can even set the brew timer by holding the “OXO” button for a few seconds to activate the 24-hour timing. Once the brewing finishes, the cup icon lights up on display, and the freshness timer goes on for 60 min, so you get to know how long the coffee has been resting in the carafe. 

The best thing about OXO is its solid constructed thermal carafe to retain heat effectively and keeps the coffee hot with its vacuum insulation. Its carafe mixing tube is one of the essential parts as this tube is connected to the carafe lid straight. This is important to address the problem as different elements get extracted during the grinding time. Then the tube pushes the fresh brew coffee towards the bottom of the carafe for mixing it nicely.

On the other hand, the main large cylindrical body comes with a 1.3 L water tank with a heating system integrated right below it. It’s clear, and a marked water tank shows you the amount of water you’ve filled. Last but not least, it has a “Rainmaker Showerhead” that evenly separates water over coffee grounds for an accurate saturation and whole flavor extraction. 


  • Dimensions – 6.73(D) x 14.17(W) x 15.24(H) inches 
  • Weight – 7.70 lbs 
  • Power – 9 watt/ 120 v 
  • Material – Stainless steel 
  • Warranty – 2 year 
  • Auto shut-off – yes 
  • Brewing Capacity – 4 -12 cups 
  • Brew time –
  • OXO Brew drip coffee maker has a stylish and chic look with sleek finishing.
  • It comes with a brushed stainless steel carafe with a clear water reservoir that enhances kitchen decor.
  • This intelligent coffee maker owns an SCAA certification, which means the hallmark of a good coffee maker.
  • Its automatic light-up system indicates you to descale the machine after every 90 cycles.
  • The double-walled thermal carafe with a soft, non-slip handle allows a comfortable grip and keeps your coffee hot for a long time.
  • It turns off itself after idleness of 60 minutes.
  • You can make smaller batch coffee cups and even regular cups just with twisting the dial.
  • It makes the easy use of a throwaway ten paper filter, conical brew basket, and wide showerhead for full saturation.
  • It has a “freshness timer” that shows how long the brewed coffee stays after the cycle is finished.
  • All the removable parts like a carafe, water tank, showerhead are top-rack dishwasher safe. Although it’s brew basket can also be removed for full-cleaning.
  • Its water pump pauses if the carafe is removed during the pouring. 
  • It doesn’t have a pre-infusion mode.
  • OXO drip brewer does not allow to adjust pulsing of water. 


Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee MakerHamilton Beach is for all the real coffee drinkers and aficionados who want to avoid long cafe lines and need pain free morning with a cup of joe. This affordable coffee machine comes with dual programmable capabilities.

On one side, you can brew 12 cups straight, and on other, it offers you to brew a single cup of travel mug of coffee. And it also lets you choose the brew strength and program to brew coffee before you wake up.

With this, you can get some beauty sleep for more than five min, as its hours and minutes features let you program your ideal drinking time up to 24 hours in advance. 

This stainless steel durable drip machine with a black plastic look makes it chic and perfectly blends in any decor. You will surely appreciate the pleasant minimal interface of a handful of buttons and a bright digital display.

Fear no more, you can brew 12 cups of the coffee pod or a single glass. The single-serve basket comes with a permanent mesh filter for coffee grounds that fits the brew basket and also allows you to use soft pods and pre-packed coffee powder. And on the other side of the carafe, it uses a paper coffee filter in its basket. 

However, a plastic cup rest underneath the single-serve dispenser lifts a cup height enough so that coffee flows right into it and does not create a mess. Plus, on the carafe side, you can brew at once or program the timer on the front as 24 hours in advance, so when you wake up, you get a freshly brewed coffee in the pod. If you forget to turn it off, then no worries, its hot plate keeps the drink hot after brewing and shut off automatically after 2 hours. 


  • Dimensions – 10.5(L) x 10.25(W) x 14(H) inches 
  • Weight – 6.5 lb
  • Material – Brushed Stainless Steel & Plastic 
  • Power – 110V 
  • Brewing Capacity – 12 cups 
  • Auto Shu Off – Yes 
  • Warranty – 1 year 
  • Display – LCD 

  • This coffee maker lets you cook a single cup of yourself and a full carafe for the family.
  • It includes a 12 cup glass carafe. However, you can use your fav grounds for making up to 10 oz. or 14 oz along with K-cup.
  • One feature that makes this machine super convenient is its built-in minimum and maximal 2 water tank both with water window.
  • It has a separate heater for the carafe and single-serve.
  • You can control the brew strength to regular or bold.
  • The control panel and display come with an hour and min buttons to program the brewing time.
  • This machine is easy to use, and all the removable parts are dishwasher safe, and the rest can be wiped with a clean damp cloth.
  • It shuts off automatically after 2 hours.
  • This coffee maker has lots of useful features like programable setting, strength control, and Senseo pod agreement.  
  • You can make a single cup and carafe at one time.
  • You have to fill the water tank from the cup you’re going to use unless there will be a chance of overflow. 


Breville BDC450 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker

Breville BDC450 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker The world’s leading 60 oz drip coffee maker with the precision claimed to brew craft filter coffee. It gives you the strength to brew cafe-quality coffee right at your home.

Its brushed stainless steel and plastic finish looks stylish and stands out in your kitchen very well. It highlights a visible water reservoir made with reinforced plastic.

While it has a marking that makes it easy to measure the level of water. Thanks to its PID controller that helps in adjusting the digital temp control.

And the pump selector from 3 different flow rates to optimize contact time. Its Thermocoil heating system delivers hot water that is purer than a typical brewing system that uses aluminum. 

The Breville Precision Brewer lets you control all the phases of the brewing cycle. Starting from the water flow to brew temperature. It allows customizing the parameters like bloom time, temp, and flow rate to revise the accurate coffee you’re using. You can brew any coffee volume with its flat bottom, gold-tone cone filter, and a cone basket with a #4 paper filter.

Thanks to its auto ‘Steep and Release’ technology valve. This valve holds the water in contact with the coffee when small cups are being brewed. And it changes the brewing mode itself when it doesn’t detect the carafe in place. You will get thrilled to know that this machine has an auto-on function that prepares your grounds and brew setting before you wake up. 

Enjoy the perfect, well-balanced coffee precisely the way you like with its 6 unique brewing modes. The automatic Presets and customizable mode include- Gold, fast, strong, iced, cold brew, and My Brew settings. All this starts with the press on a button, and you have a full pot of craft filter coffee in just a few minutes.

The fast and strong brewing modes stand exactly with their name what they sound, and Gold way makes the java according to the Specialty Coffee Association’s Golden Cup rules. However, ice setting brews over the hot drink, and cold brew is meant to run overnight for getting delicious and smooth cold coffee. 


  • Dimensions – 12.4(W)” x 6.7(D)”x 15.7(H)” 
  • Weight – 3.15 lbs
  • Material – Stainless steel, thermal carafe 
  • Brewing Capacity – 12 cups 
  • Power – 110-120 V, 1650 W
  • Display – LCD monitor 
  • Warranty – 2 year 
  • Technologies – PID, Thermocoil heating system 
  • Auto on/off – Yes 
  • This drip machine lets you make up to 12 cups of joe with its different baskets.
  • It is the no. 1 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker that comes with 6 different brewing modes.
  • The LCD bright display looks sober in the daytime, and its blue radiance shines like a miniature LED nightstand at night.
  • The water reservoir comes with a clear transparent polymer glass with level measurement.
  • Thanks to its patent-pending Steep & Release valve for making small or single cups too.
  • The brewing will stop itself if it detects that the carafe is not in its place.
  • It’s Gold cup standard automatically adjust the water temp and brew timing.
  • With the My brew option, you can make craft fine-tune coffee according to your taste by tweaking the bloom timing.
  • The stainless steel carafe with brew through lid keeps the java hot for much longer as compared to a glass jug.
  • This brewer is effortless to clean as the filter basket, and thermal carafe need to be rinsed under the running water.
  • Tweaking the single button/dial makes the smooth change in brewing. 
  • Some parts are not dishwasher safe.
  • The water tank is not removable. 


Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee MakerIf you’re looking for a one press fast and easy to use coffee maker, then Bonavita BV1900TS is most suitable for you. It is designed in a way with a pre-infusion mode to copy the artisan pour-over brewing style.

By operating the brewer, you will be able to have a golden cup carafe of coffee at home. It has been tested and certified by SCA to meet golden cup standards.

This 8 cup coffee maker comes in a stainless steel encased body with a transparent water tank.A black-colored thermal stainless steel carafe has a BPA free plastic filter basket that sits on the top of it.

Thanks to its enhanced heater, which is capable of reaching and maintaining an ideal brewing coffee temp of 195° – 205°F. This powerful 1500W heater takes about 6 min to brew 8 cups carafe, and the showerhead ensures even distribution of water over the coffee powder.

The pre-infusion mode with a mimic pause the showerhead to give the coffee ground time to bloom with full extraction. The showerhead works in tune with its precise flat bottomed filter basket to assure equal saturation. All the functions will start on its one press button. With this, you can have your favorite roasted coffee at home. 


  • Dimensions – 12.40(L) x 6.80(W) x 12.20(H) inches
  • Weight – 6.1 pounds 
  • Material – Stainless steel, thermal carafe 
  • Power – 1500W
  • Brewing Capacity – 8 cups 
  • Warranty – 2 year 
  • All the parts like a showerhead, removable filter basket, carafe lid, and the brewer lid all are dishwasher safe. And the rest can clean with a damp cloth.
  • With a press of one button, Bonavita brews a full pot of rich coffee in 6 minutes.
  • It has a pre-infusion mode that mimics the pour-over brewing style by pausing the showerhead.
  • It’s double-walled stainless steel thermal carafe keeps the drink hot much longer than glass carafe and serve 8 cups of joe.
  • It is tested and certified by Special Coffee Association America (SCAA) as meeting their golden cup standards.
  • The showerhead gives you better saturation and uniform flavor extraction.
  • It’s one button not only turns the machine on or off but also activates and deactivates the pre-infusion feature. 
  • The brew basket sits right straight on the carafe, which means you can’t pause the machine in between the cycle. 


Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, Auto-iQ Tea and Coffee MakerGo beyond the coffee with the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System. This machine is a combination of all coffee maker; it not just settle at hot or cold coffee but makes endless drink choices.

It offers 6 brew cup sizes, five brew style, and a fold-away milk frother. It also comes with a 50 oz double-walled thermal carafe or even brewing directly into your mug.

This machine gives you the ability to brew a hot, cold, flavorful cup of coffee and tea over ice beverage all with advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology with Auto IQ. 

This machine comes with a two specially designed brew basket one for coffee powder and one for loose-leaf or bagged tea. It doesn’t mix the flavor and give you a super-rich drink. Once you decide how much you want to brew, Ninja gives you six size choices as the image appears on the screen, and you choose by your one touch.

The water tank and the control panel is located on the right side. The removable lid of the reservoir can be easily open for filling or washing. It’s smart basket recognition IQ recognize the which basket has been used and display the coffee or tea drink option. One of the fantastic features that makes you thrilled is that it auto off and on the function, just set the brewer timing before your sleep and get everything ready in the morning. 

The Ninja solves the problem of getting creamy milk as it has a fold-away hot and cold frother. Yes, you hear right hot, and cold. It transforms the hot or cold milk into silky rich microfoam. You can prepare the foam with any of your chosen coffee or tea brews. The brewer and the frother run separately so you can easily froth and brew at the same time.

It also solved the problem of small cups that might create a mess while dripping. It adds a retractable platform that reduces the risk and distance between the drip spot and the mug. So no worries now, simply pull down the platform and get your cup ready. Make the cappuccinos, latte, flat whites, and more with this machine. 


  • Dimensions – 11.8(L) x 10(W) x 15(H) inches
  • Weight – 11.1 POUNDS
  • Brewing Capacity – 10 cups 
  • Brew Time – 10 -15 min
  • Power – 1500 W
  • Material – Plastic, stainless steel carafe 
  • Warranty – 1 year 
  • Auto Shutoff – Yes
  • Display – LED 
  • You can brew anything from a single small cup to a sizeable travel mug to half or the full carafe.
  • It has five brew styles that create anything from classic to fancy or milk frothy drinks.
  • It takes just 10-15 minutes to brew and works according to your set timing.
  • The warmer plate will keep your beverage hot for longer, and even you can set the program for how long it should stay.
  • There is a safety feature that tells when the warming plate reaches a temp that is safe to be touched.
  • You can brew your preferred blend of coffee powder or tea.
  • It comes with a pod-free option that gives unlimited varieties, customized brewing, and less plastic wastage.
  • It includes a built-in scoop that measures everything.
  • It occurs with an advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology with Auto IQ.
  • All the parts that are removable like a carafe, water reservoir, filter basket are washable. Even it’s a permanent filter, and fold-away frother is dishwasher safe.
  • The 50 oz double-walled carafe keeps the drink hot for 2 hours. 
  • This machine comes with a one year warranty.
  • The frother doesn’t heat the milk so you can make cold froth. 


Cuisinart DCC-3200P1

Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 DCC-3200CP Perfectemp Coffee MakerStart your day with this modern and stylish kitchen appliance Cuisinart DCC-3200P1. This stainless steel coffee maker adds an attractive look in your kitchen. You can make one or more cups of coffee with the right temperature.

Its 14-cups glass carafe includes a decorative stainless handle for a better grip. It is a fully automatic device with 24-hour programmability, self-clean, 1-4 cup setting, and auto-off function. You can even choose the regular and bold flavor profile and set the brew time for 24 hours ahead so your next cup gets ready when you are.

The backlit LCD screen is easy to read with an indicator light signal that alerts you when it’s time to decalcify. It has an innovative heating technology that makes the water extra hot without losing the flavor or tone of your coffee. 

The adjustable temperature control enables the users to choose higher or lower settings depending on their terms. For the case, if you prefer a piping hot cup of coffee, you can use a higher setting to maintain the warmness for a longer time. And on the other hand, select the lower setting for a smaller pot to get desire taste.

It has a commercial-style permanent filter with a reusable gold-tone filter to make brewing easy.It has a bigger, easy-to-view water window that ensures 14 cups of joe and removes all the impurities with its charcoal water filter. 


  • Dimensions –7.75(L) x 9(W) x 14 (H) inches 
  • Weight – 9.0 lbs
  • Material – Stainless Steel, plastic and glass carafe 
  • Power – 800 W
  • Display – LCD screen 
  • Brewing Capacity – 14 cups 
  • Type – Automatic Drip 
  • Auto Shutoff – Yes 
  • Warranty – 3 Year 
  • It has an ideal brewing ability that reaches about 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The brew strength button allows you to select the regular or bold coffee flavor.
  • It has a reusable gold-tone filter to provide higher pressure brewing.
  • It has a visible digital clock that lights up in blue color.
  • The 14 cups glass carafe comes with a decorative stainless silver handle.
  • There is a self-cleaning mode that indicates you. But you have to clean the carafe, the heating surface, bucket where grounds are stored, and the interior filter.
  • This model has a brew pause feature that will stop the extraction process, and you can steal a cup before completing the cycle.
  • Its hotplate will turn off automatically in 2 hours and can be set to 4 hours as you like.
  • The 24-hour programmable setting helps you to get your coffee at your customized time. You just have to set coordination with the clock and its automatic brewing function. 
  • It don’ come with a thermal carafe.
  • Not SCAA certified.
  • Lack of a grinder. 


Technivorm KBT Coffee Brewer

Technivorm KBT Coffee BrewerIf you want a real taste of coffee beans, then consider Technivorm KBT as the right choice. This model features a thermal carafe and a manual movable drip-stop basket, which provides adjustability of how fast coffee flows into the carafe.

The KBT brews 40 oz pot of coffee in just six minutes, what else you want now? However, it is hand-made in Netherland and approved by the SCA, which uses a superb grade plastic and stainless steel to make it BPA/BPS/BPF & phthalate-free. 

The Technivorm uses a copper boiling element that heats the water at ideal temp and shuts off itself once it gets the desired heat. It has a transparent water tank with a wide mouth marked by both cups and liters, making the filling easy.

Although, the KBT 741 separate hot plat brews at the control of 195-205° F from the start to finish so you can get quick heat water to the optimal temperature. And on the other hand, it’s incredible dual coil heater with a 1400 W power range keeps the water saturation ideal. 

It’s 9-holed showerhead nozzle, sprays ground coffee with hot water that produces even saturation and full extraction. The manually adjust brew basket has three settings controlled by a toggle switch on the front of the basket.

It has a lever that lets you slow down the drip and even steep your coffee longer. You can also close the brew basket and pull the carafe aside while the brewer is brewing, and the machine will automatically pause its operation. With its dual-walled stainless steel carafe, you can keep your coffee hot with the same taste for up to 5 hours.  


  • Dimensions – 15.25″(H) X 11.50″(W) X 6.75″(D)
  • Weight – 6.9 pounds  
  • Power – 120V, 1400W 
  • Brewing capacity – 10 cups (40 oz)
  • Warranty – 5 years 
  • Brew time – 4-5 min
  • Auto shutoff – Yes 
  • Material – Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • The KBT brews up to 10 cups (1.25 L) of coffee per batch.
  • It has a thermal carafe that keeps the drink hot for up to 5 hours.
  • It’s a cool and transparent water reservoir made with durable metal protection and sustainable plastic.
  • It uses a unique, copper boiling element that rapidly heats water to control the brewing temp.
  • This machine automatically stops when the water reservoir gets blank.
  • Its cone-shaped basket with a showerhead takes about 5 minutes to brew a perfect coffee and uses #4 paper filter or gold-tone permanent filter.
  • The Technivorm is also known as “Brew Thru Lid” because of the carafe that perfectly fits on the bottom.
  • This machine comes with a trouble-free part and easily get rinsed.
  • This brand uses recycled material to take care of the environment.
  • KBT home coffeemaker is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).
  • It takes a bit of counter space.
  • The machine needs descaling after every 100 uses.
  • Its plastic parts are not dishwasher friendly. 


Ninja CM407 Specialty Coffee Maker

Ninja CM407 Specialty Coffee MakerThe Ninja CM407 focuses more on durability as related to versatility. It brews super-rich coffee like lattes, macchiato, cappuccinos, and other coffeehouse-style drinks with full concentration.

This model CM407 is somehow very close in feature to the CP307 that we already mentioned above. You can brew your beverages in 6 different sizes with CM407 and uses a built-in brew basket. It is a pod free coffee maker that gives unlimited varieties, customized brew, and less plastic waste. 

Just like CP307, the CM407 features a fold-away milk frother for more generous storage and service. It comes with a thermal carafe and a 50 oz transparent water tank, and this means you can easily brew anything from a travel mug too and full carafe for the whole family.

This coffee maker lets you make ice coffee over hot or any other fresh beverage you like. One of the exciting traits is its Auto-IQ one-touch intelligent function. It will automatically calibrate the necessary temp and water saturation according to your chosen drink. 


  • Dimensions – 12(L) x 8.8(W) x 15(H) inches 
  • Weight- 12.35 pounds 
  • Material – Plastic, stainless steel, rubber 
  • Brewing Capacity – 10 cups (50oz)
  • Auto-off – Yes 
  • Power – 1500 W 
  • You can make classic & rich high flavored latte, cappuccino, macchiato, ice coffee, and many other beverages.
  • In terms of cups sizes, CM407 can make both the single-serve cups and large, office-satisfying pots.
  • It is a pod-free coffee maker that gives you unlimited varieties.
  • This machine is so convenient that you can control your own caffeine experience.
  • It uses an Auto-IQ one-touch function to operate each function.
  • It also uses an advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction technology for getting the full flavor potential of your grinds.
  • You can even set the timer and tapped the “delay button” for preparing coffee at a predetermined time.
  • It gives you many convenient options to make your morning easier.
  • Its clock can be adjusted down to the min and hours with both AM/PM times.
  • Enjoy making creamy milk foam base drink with its fold-away frother as you can easily fold it when you are not going to make any milk beverage.
  • This machine is SCA certified, which means it provides the highest standard coffee at home. 
  • No doubt about its performance, but it has a big flaw in over brewing the drinks. Its internal temp goes up to 208°F, which is not desirable for the optimal cup of joe.
  • Its carafe is not dishwasher safe. 


Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Coffee MakerDo you want to start the day with a satisfying cup of coffee then grab this fantastic Mr. Coffee that is designed for extracting the exact flavor?

It combines a high brew temperature of up to 205° C and faster the brew speed. It includes a removable water container and a filter basket that can be easily lifted out for fast filling and cleaning.

However, Water filtration reduces the chlorine up to 97 % for better tasting. You can brew up to 10 cups in less than seven minutes to ensure a full-bodied flavor extraction. You can even set the timer, so it starts the process at your selected time as when you wake up, you will get freshly brewed coffee. 

The dual-walled thermal carafe holds the fresh flavor and temp, without any warming plate. This technology works to lock the heat and maintain the taste you want to have. Since it has an auto-pause system that pauses the cycle and grabs a cup before the process has finished.

All the programmable convenience include like Delay Brew to stir your senses as you wake up to sweet-smelling freshly-brewed coffee, and a Grab-A-Cup auto-pause, for getting a rich-tasty cup. However, its auto-shutoff system switches off the machine after 2 hours and saves your money and energy too. 


  • Dimensions – 14.33(H) x 13.11(W) x 8.7(D)inches 
  • Weight – 9.7 lbs 
  • Material – Stainless Steel 
  • Power – 1300 W 
  • Warranty – 1 year 
  • Brewing capacity – 10 cups 
  • Auto-off – Yes 
  • Brew time – 5-6 min
  • It features a removable water tank and filter basket for effortless filling and cleaning.
  • This machine comes with a water filter and a carafe. The filter reduces the chlorine up to 97% and gifts you a better taste.
  • Its ‘Pause N Serve system allows you to pour a cup during the cycle.
  • The 2-hour auto-off automatically switch-off the machine.
  • The fresh brew timer keeps you on the track and serves you a fresh coffee.
  • Its special cleaning cycle helps in eliminating calcium build-up.
  • It has an effortless control panel which does all the task by itself. 
  • Some of the coffee ground stuck on the filter.
  • It needs cleaning after 100 uses for better performance. 


KitchenAid KCM1204OB 12-Cup Coffee Maker

KitchenAid KCM1204OB 12-Cup Coffee MakerStart your day with this one-touch and 24 hours programmable coffee maker that brews your coffee just the way you want. It gives your kitchen a retro look as it is available in two colors, which goes better with your kitchen.

It can reach up to 195° to 205° F within 5-6 min as the industry standards and indicates the coffee concentration.

The one-touch brew button gives you 12 cups at one go and solves all the caffeine requirements you want. You can even program it up to 24 hours in advance, so in the morning, you get a perfect gift from this KCM1204OB. 

It comes with a variable brew strength selector to choose between bold or regular strengths. At the same, it promises a full-bodied cup each time. However, you can make a full carafe or small batches by switching to a small batch mode that automatically adjusts the optimize heat and saturation time.

For instance, brew 12 or 2-3 cups as you like. Also, the pause and pour feature stops the brew cycle and allows one to pour a cup before brewing is completed. With a cover, handle comfort pour the liquid quickly from the glass carafe into your glass.


  • Dimensions – 11.7(W) x 9.1(L) x 15.2(H) inches 
  • Weight – 9 pounds 
  • Brew Capacity – 12 cups 
  • Power – 120 V, 1100 W
  • Material – Solid Plastic, Glass, Steel 
  • Warranty – 2 year 
  • Auto-off – Yes 
  • All the parts of this machine are simple to clean.
  • It is well designed that gives a feel of retro style.
  • Simple to use and operate.
  • You can make 12 cups with this straightforward machine with your one touch.
  • This machine promises the 24-hour programmable setting so you can set the time in advance and get ready to drink coffee once you wake up.
  • Its brew strength selector gives you an option between regular and bold strength and a guarantee of a full-bodied cup every time.
  • This KitchenAid offers a pause and our feature so you can start caffeinating right on.
  • It has a digital display that keeps you update exactly what you are going to getting at the next time you stop at a pot.
  • It has a permanent filter and water filtration for eliminating impurities.
  • It has a glass carafe that might not keep your drink hot for long as to compare thermal.
  • The warming plate slightly burns the taste of coffee if kept for too long.


Ultimate Buyer Guide

How to choose the best drip coffee maker?

Always figure out your need first that what type of coffee maker you want to buy and features you look in your device. A lot of models in the market make you confused, and investing in this type of appliance is not a joke. So here is our buying guide that helps you in selecting and acknowledge you with some essential factors you should consider while making a purchase. 

  • Size 

This trait might be one of the important things everyone should consider first. Always look at the space you have in your kitchen or office, and then check the dimension of your selected coffee maker. It might unbalance the look of your kitchen if you’ve less space, and still, you go with a large one.

Keep your counter space or shelf free from extra things as it enhances the aspect of the place and your coffee maker. Keep this in mind that you need to be reasonable and aware of the space you have in case you have a ton of space, but it not look cool if you fill the entire area with coffee maker.

It is a matter of the appearance of your kitchen and other appliances. Or if you’re not a daily coffee lover, then find a space to put it away after every use. Think about this and then look for the machine that is in size range according to your area. 

  • Type of Pot 

Every coffee maker comes with their own pot, or some time you have to buy them separately. As there is two pot mostly used by each brand – Thermal and glass pot. One thing you should recognize is that it should work excellently on a warming plate. However, a Thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot for long hours, whereas glass carafe fails in this. But both of them work great on the warming plate. Somehow glass carafe may burn the flavor of your coffee if you keep for too long on the warming plate. But not to worry, thermal pots are made with dual-wall stainless steel that keeps your drink hot and the taste in its original state. These containers usually have a vacuum between the wall to reduce heat transfer. 

On the other hand, glass containers have to depend on hot plates to keep the liquid warm until you have it. However, they have a beautiful appearance and usually cheaper than thermal options. It can be fancier and suitable for formal personation. Each of them has its own good points and bad, but this depends on your choice with whom you want to go. 

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Final Verdict

It’s designed to deliver the Best Drip Coffee Maker, it includes a high-tech carafe to keep your coffee at the ideal temp for longer, and it has long run – what’s not to love?

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