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Best Chainsaw Sharpener Buying Guide & Reviews 2020

One of the most frustrating feelings we may have is, without a doubt, that one of our favorite tools breaks down or stops giving us the best performance. This often happens with chainsaws.

The first thing we’d think is that we’ve bought it for damage, right? But what would you feel if I told you that it might be due to lack of proper maintenance? Well, maybe it’s time to save yourself those headaches by getting one of the best chainsaw sharpeners.

This will save you a lot of time and money, as your chainsaw will be well maintained. Also, you won’t need to buy a new chainsaw any sooner than expected.

Therefore, let’s look at the top ten options available on the market today. After that, we will analyze the most important aspects to consider in one of the following tools.

The 10 best chainsaw sharpeners


I_S Import Chainsaw Sharpener

ELECTRIC GRINDER CHAIN SAW BENCH SHARPENERFirst of all, one of the best options we can find on the market today is this electric saw sharpener. In this case, this implement provides excellent use. So, you can also mount this tool on a wall, bench, or other places.

So, you can get excellent performance, combined with an acceptable level of versatility. You will have a grinding speed of up to 4200 rpm. A safety guard is also included for more convenient use of this tool.

Specifically, this guard is located on the side for more convenient use. Besides, chain rollers are included for each of the links to advance efficiently. In other words, you will be getting a tool with excellent power, but also safe and fast.

So, the life of your chainsaw can be better-taken care of. You will have a chain press that can be adapted more conveniently to each chain and saw the design. Simultaneously, it is very easy to use, thanks to the precision angle adjustment provided by this model.

On the other hand, you must take into account that this tool provides 60 hertz, 120 volts, and 80 watts, among its best features. In short, it is one of the best tools for beginners.

So, you will avoid being disappointed when using this model. At the same time, the chain’s rotation rollers’ versatility optimizes a great deal of the configuration’s working time.

  • 4200 revolutions per minute
  • Versatile tool
  • Compact design
  • Intermediate power 


Husqvarna Chainsaw Sharpener

Husqvarna 653000035 SharpForce Chain Sharpener Not everyone has a lot of time to work with their chainsaw. That’s why chain sharpeners that are easy and quick to use can be very useful. A large number of inexperienced users can learn a few things by using this chainsaw sharpener.

In principle, it is a tool that is very easy to transport to the places where you need it. Also, when using this sharpener, you will be able to apply an excellent work to the cutters of any type of chain. So, you will not lose time, and at the same time, you will be able to do an excellent job.

Moreover, this sharpener will allow easy use when you need to sharpen your chainsaw. It means that you do not need to have any specific knowledge to do so. In turn, it is possible to obtain excellent quality cuts on your chainsaw. Therefore, in addition to that, this tool will save you a lot of time and money.

It is possible because you can apply excellent maintenance to each of your tools. This is an essential task as you will avoid spending money on repairs to your chainsaw?

On the other hand, this type of tool allows you to sharpen 3/16 inches. It provides a weight of 0.62 pounds and a convenient grip handle. The design is also effortless, and no feedback cables or outlets are required.

It is a hand tool, and therefore can be used anywhere. So, it is possible to get excellent work done on a minimal budget. 

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight tool
  • Affordable cost
  • Regular operation


Buffalo Corporation Chainsaw Sharpener

Sportsman Electric Chain Saw SharpenerTo continue with the tools that can provide excellent performance is this particular model. You will be able to count on chainsaws with an exceptional cutting edge. You can also save a great deal of money since you will avoid hiring labor to perform this type of task.

It is a tool that can be adapted to a large number of brands and chains of different sizes. Additionally, it is an implement with compatibility with four types of regular size chains. Specifically, the sizes are ¼, .325, ⅜, and .404 inches.

Besides, this model provides light in its operation. So, you don’t have to worry about ambient light at all. Specifically, excellent quality materials have been used in the manufacture of this chainsaw grinder. Moreover, it is a tool that is made of metal, and it is black.

So, you can use this tool on a countertop or a bench. Therefore, you will get an excellent level of stability and safety. Thus, the cost-benefit ratio is one of the most suitable among the options that are available today. 

An additional feature provides 3000 revolutions per minute and 110 volts. It also provides 230 volts, 50 hertz, and produces a noise level below 85 decibels. You do not need to have specific knowledge to use or to mount this tool.

You can also use this tool in your home or a workshop, as it provides convenient dimensions and design. You only need a 120-volt outlet. The total weight is 85 pounds, so it’s somewhere in between. 

Finally, this model has 3/16 grinding wheels and ⅛ in a nutshell. You’ll get excellent performance. This is a tool that provides good performance, combined with a high level of durability and long life.

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Includes work light
  • Comfortable operation
  • Generates up to 85 decibels


Stihl Chainsaw Sharpener

Stihl 2 IN 1 EASY FILE CHAINSAW CHAIN SHARPENERThis Stihl Chainsaw sharpener that can provide convenient use anywhere. On the one hand, you will have a novel design that can be adapted to a large number of different chainsaws and chains. You can also get very efficient cuts for your chainsaw once you use this sharpener.

At the same time, this chainsaw sharpener is very easy to use, thanks to its lightweight of only 0.80 pounds. Besides, you will have the possibility to transport this chainsaw sharpener anywhere. So, it is one of the most convenient options when you must use your chainsaw away from home.

On the other hand, you will not need an outlet either as it is a hand tool. While you will need to apply more force on the job, you will not require electricity when operating. Also included is a compact design that is easy to store. This allows you to optimize functionality at any time.

An additional feature is that this tool’s accuracy and consistency allow a large number of users to obtain excellent results. Also, you won’t spend too much time maintaining your chainsaw. Whether you are a beginner or an expert user, your saw will stay sharp.

That is why you can get specific results, at any time. You can use this same tool to sharpen two different sizes. On the one hand, you can sharpen chains with a size of ⅜ inch. On the other hand, it is also possible to apply a sharpening tool suitable for tools with a size of ¼ inch.

At the same time, you will not need a large budget to acquire this tool. Besides, the specific design of the grip handles provides for comfortable, yet safe, use.

This is an advantage for users who want to gain their first experiences. Specifically, it is a tool made of metal. At the same time, it is one of the options for occasional use and for those times when you do not have electric power.

  • Metal tool
  • Affordable cost
  • Easy to use
  • Hand tool


Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener

Oregon 30846 12-Volt Sure Sharp Chain Saw SharpenerAnother tool that provides an innovative design for proper operation is this type of machine. This allows you to obtain a process that can be adapted to a large number of uses. Also, the advantages of this particular model are several and appropriate for a large number of different users.

You can sharpen effortlessly, thanks to the 12-volt battery included. You will also be able to work with three chain pitch sizes among all the existing ones. You also have the possibility of working with a different power source, other than the battery.

Therefore, you can use an outlet as a power converter is included. So, you have an alternative if the battery is not charged. On the other hand, the depth gauge included in the design will help you if you are an inexperienced chainsaw user.

In turn, the chainsaw will work perfectly, which will be noticeable during any work session. Besides, you can align the various chains precisely and appropriately.

The best feature of this particular model is its compact, versatile, and easy-to-use design. It is also a highly transportable option. So, you can count on this tool at any time. The total weight is one pound, and as we said, the power supply is battery or mains operated. You will be able to sharpen 5/32 inch and 3/16-inch chains.

In conclusion, we can mention that this tool is one of the best investments you can make. The high level of versatility is combined with excellent performance for all types of chainsaws. In turn, you will have a long power cable that will not limit use at any time. That is why a large number of users have indicated that it is the best chainsaw sharpener.

  • Battery operation
  • Power converter included
  • Built-in depth gauge
  • Regular battery life


Blue Max Chainsaw Sharpener

Blue Max 5655 Electric Bench Mount Chainsaw SharpenerBy continuing with the options that are available today, this model of grinder provides one of the most convenient and comfortable uses that exist in these times. In principle, a power of 4200 revolutions per minute and about 120 volts is included. In turn, it produces 60 hertz and 85 watts during operation.

On the other hand, you do not need a great deal of knowledge to implement it, as it is effortless to use. Moreover, it provides a table screw angle of approximately 35 degrees. This angle is obtained both to the left and the right. 

On the other hand, the polarizing plug is 2-pronged. So, you will notice that this is an excellent level of technology included in this model. You will see that the working time is optimized when sharpening a chainsaw. This allows the operation of each of the sharpened chains to be restored.

In other words, you will be able to obtain chainsaws like new. Moreover, the integrated rebound plate on this model provides precise and specific results. In turn, you will be getting a tool with excellent performance. That is why it is one of the best investments a professional or beginner user can make.

The total tool weight is 5.8 pounds, and you will have the ability to sharpen ¼ inch and ⅛ inch. On the other hand, it is a tool that is built with excellent quality materials. In particular, it is a combination of metal and plastic with a considerable level of durability.

The operation is simple and allows excellent use from the first moment. In combination with this, the operation provided by this tool is suitable for a wide variety of chainsaws. In other words, it is one of the most cost-effective tools available.

  • 4200 revolutions per minute
  • Optimizes working time
  • Precise operation
  • Requires an electrical source


Timber Tuff Chainsaw Sharpener

Timber Tuff CS-BWM BenchtopComfort and efficiency are the most important aspects of this type of tool, along with functionality. You can get a hand tool with convenient use. However, when you get a power tool, you will have a much more comfortable use that requires less effort from the user.

That is why we include this model of chainsaw sharpener in our list. It is an implement that is used on a table. This allows you to obtain a safer and simpler functionality. In other words, this tabletop sharpener is one of the options most chosen by a large number of craftsmen and experts in the use of chainsaws.

On the other hand, you will be able to obtain top-quality edges on the chains. This will not require much time, and you will get excellent results when using this tool. You will need electrical power to work with your chainsaw. Also, it is a stationary tool, as it has considerable weight.

This is why you get cutting edges in a short period. Specifically, it is an attachment with a 110-volt motor. Besides, it provides the right level of technology that protects the unit from overheating. So, you can safely work at all times for you and your tool. 

At the same time, speeds of up to 3600 revolutions per minute can be achieved. So, in a short working session, you can quickly get back to using your saw. This tool’s total weight is 17 pounds and allows you to sharpen ¾ inch and ¼ inch chains.

Finally, this chainsaw grinder provides light in its operation. So, you don’t need to worry about lighting up your environment. Therefore, you can work much longer and more efficiently.

  • Fast and easy operation
  • Built-in work light
  • Overheating protection
  • Heavy tool


Granberg Chainsaw Sharpener

Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw SharpenerAnother important aspect of a maintenance tool is its quality, but also its cost. So, some users prefer tools with the intermediate operation, at an accessible cost. In this case, we have decided to include this model since it promises an adequate balance between cost and benefit.

So, it is possible to obtain a satisfactory operation without sacrificing a big budget for it. On the one hand, innovative design is included in this tool, which will sharpen the chainsaws of any size. This can be achieved as long as it is a standard size chain.

In turn, you can use any chain pitch to sharpen your chainsaw, obtaining excellent results. Each cutter in the chain can be filed at the same angle, and the same quality can be achieved in every working session. Moreover, you only need a few minutes when applying the proper maintenance to your chainsaw.

Also, another important aspect is the transfer of a chainsaw grinder. This model can be easily and conveniently transported at any time. It has a lightweight design and weighs only 1.7 pounds. Besides, its manual operation means that you do not need an outlet to perform maintenance on your chainsaw.

This means you can use this tool no matter when or where you are. It’s also an option that provides a long life for the user. Specifically, the entire unit is made of the highest quality steel and metals. Therefore, it is a tool that will prevent breakage. Also, it is required much more slowly than other options that are available today.

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Fits any size of the chain
  • Manual use


Oregon 520-120 Bench Saw Chain Grinder

Oregon 520-120 Bench Saw Chain GrinderBy continuing with the best options available on the market today, this bench-top chainsaw grinder can provide one of the most convenient operations. Therefore, you will not require much time to apply proper maintenance to your chainsaw.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, you can count on the simple, electric, and fast operation. A lot of users mention that this model is a professional chainsaw sharpener. To understand that, let’s look at each of its features. 

On the one hand, you can work with different chain sizes. This is of great importance for those professional users or contractors who have various tools in their workshop. Besides, this model incorporates three different grinding wheels to provide you with a higher level of support.

So, each of the blades you work with will be back to working properly for the job. And you don’t have to worry about ambient light, because the light is included in the design of this tool. Therefore, you can count on much more comfortable and efficient use at any time.

You will also be able to check that every angle or sharpness of the cutter is the same at all times. Among its features, we can mention that it has a weight of 19 pounds and sharpen ⅜ of an inch and ¼ of an inch. The self-centering chain press provides more comfortable use. In turn, this model has a lot of positive feedback these days.

So, we can recommend that a lot of users invest in this tool if you have the budget for it. In particular, novice users will be able to expand their horizons with a hobbyist’s job. This means providing a higher quality for their own activities.

  • Electrical operation
  • Built-in light
  • Self-centering chain press
  • Expensive tool


Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener

Timberline Chainsaw SharpenerLast but not least, this tool is another model that can provide you with proper functioning without spending all your money on it. The best characteristics of this implement are its solidity and reliability during any work. Specifically, it is a tool that is very fast and easy to use by anyone.

You will not need to be very knowledgeable about using this chainsaw grinding tool. Also, the operation is very light and convenient at any time. This same quality makes it highly transportable. So, you will have your tool when you need it most. Besides, it is not a power tool.

While this may be a disadvantage for some people, you won’t need an outlet to start sharpening your chain. In turn, you will not need to return to your home, shop, or garage to ReSharper your chain tool.

On the other hand, excellent quality materials have been used to manufacture this chainsaw sharpener. This is why the service life is long and adequate. This will save you a great deal of money on repairs to this attachment. In particular, along with this, you will be able to obtain reliable operation over time.

A large number of users choose this tool over others. In particular, it allows you to sharpen 3/16-inch chains and provides a weight of 1.15 pounds. That’s why it’s one of the best investments you can make. That’s why this tool is in a lot of chainsaw sharpeners review.

  • Simple operation
  • Sharpening in seconds
  • Highly durable tool
  • Requires some operator effort


Buying Considerations

Before you consider purchasing any of the options we have listed, you should consider some key aspects. This is necessary since not all options available in the market will be able to provide you with the same functionality. There are chainsaw sharpeners with a different style, design, and function. That is why we must analyze the following aspects.

  • Types:

In this case, you will find different types of electric chainsaws that are for sale today. First of all, these power tools provide some advantages and disadvantages. First of all, they are tools with much more precise, efficient, and fast operation.

So, professionals usually choose this type of tool. At the same time, working time is optimized by using a grinder. The electrical operation ensures that the saw has a keen cutting edge. Besides, the sharpening is usually much more uniform in any maintenance session.

Some disadvantages are that, of course, these are more expensive tools. Also, the configuration of such a powerful tool can often be somewhat confusing for novice users.

On the other hand, there are handheld chainsaw sharpeners. The advantage of this tool is that it provides easy sharpening anywhere. The compact and lightweight design allows users to have their sharpening machines, no matter where they are.

Besides, it is a tool that is more than affordable. The disadvantage of this is that it requires a lot of strength from the user and, of course, offers slower operation.

Finally, there are the bar-mounted grinders. In other words, it is one of the intermediate options between the two previous ones. The quality of the grinding is intermediate, as well as the level of precision.

You get faster operation than a hand tool, but slower than an electric sharpener. Also, you must remove the chain from the saw if you intend to sharpen it. Another disadvantage is that you will need a table, bench, or other sturdy objects to lean on.

  • Power of the tool:

In this case, it is an aspect that should be applied only to power tools. This is obvious since those hand tools will rely solely on the power of the user. Among the available options, the motor power can offer a certain level between 75 watts and 300 watts.

Of course, as the tool becomes more powerful, it also becomes more expensive. Besides, you can pay attention to the number of revolutions per minute that a motor can reach. Therefore, the more revolutions per minute a motor provides, the less time the work will take.


  • Sharpener design:

Quality and service life must be considered in the design of this type of tool. In the same way, a chainsaw sharpener that is fragile and breaks in a short time is not very convenient.

That is why the most convenient options are those made of resistant metal. This way, the durability level will be higher, and you will have your tool for much longer. That is why it would be convenient to avoid tools that have plastic in their design.

  • Compatibility with chain sizes:

It should be mentioned that not all the tools we have listed offer individual compatibility with all types and sizes of chains. So, you should consider what kind of chainsaw you usually use.

Also, some electric sharpeners allow you to adapt to different sizes of chainsaws. This is a much more versatile and convenient option, especially if you are a professional user, such as a contractor.

  • Type of use:

A chainsaw sharpener does not provide the same use in any case. So, you should consider how often you will need to service your chainsaw. Therefore, electrically operated sharpeners are best suited for more frequent use.

This means that if you use your chainsaw many times a week, then you will need a sharpener to suit the situation. So, an electric sharpener can provide a long service life and accurate and fast operation.

This way, you will avoid wasting time maintaining your saw. On the other hand, if you only use your chainsaw occasionally, you will probably not need such an expensive tool. In this case, you can buy a handheld chainsaw sharpener and get a good result.


  • Do chainsaw sharpeners work?

These tools work and extend the life of your chainsaw. This way, you will avoid spending money on repairs or buying another chainsaw when your current machine becomes obsolete.

  • Is it worth sharpening a chainsaw chain?

Sharpening a chainsaw is an essential aspect if you want to extend the life of your tool. So, you can perform this type of maintenance about five times in total.

  • How often should you sharpen chainsaw?

First of all, you should sharpen every single cutter. Then you can go on to the opposite side of the bar. You should wear gloves for this.

  • How many times can you sharpen a chainsaw chain?

You should sharpen the chain depending on how many times you use your chainsaw. In general, you can sharpen about three, four, or five times in a lifetime.

Final Words 

Now you know you have to spend enough time to maintain your tools properly. We have suggested this to you, and we think you have understood the importance of it. So why haven’t you ordered your chainsaw sharpener yet?

We have selected the 10 best on the market, and all you have to do is choose the one you like best. It’s that simple! Stop everything you are doing and start taking care of your tools as they deserve!

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